2021 Big Sandy Shoot is on! Bring out your Machine Guns!

    2021 Big Sandy Shoot is on! Bring out your Machine Guns!

    The highly popular and highly anticipated Big Sandy Machine Gun Shoot is on for March of 2021 at the Big Sandy range in Wikieup, Arizona! Due to scares surrounding COVID-19 in 2020, both shoots were canceled last year along with many other popular gun-related events. However, the 2021 Big Sandy Shoot is back by popular demand and promises to be better than ever.

    2021 Big Sandy Shoot is on! Bring out your Machine Guns!

    The 2021 Big Sandy Shoot is set to start on March 19th and run through March 21st. If you just want to watch the festivities and not shoot any guns, the registration fee is $35 to enter the event (you can still rent firearms as a spectator but can’t bring your own guns to shoot). Camping is free in the parking lot of the event if you have an RV or Tent and a food truck will be made available as well so you can grab a bite to eat.

    If you’re looking to cross a few machine guns (or pieces of artillery) off of your bucket list, the 2021 Big Sandy Shoot will have loads of firearms to rent including a PPSH-41, MP5s, M-16s, Thompson submachine guns, AK-47’s and loads more. In order to shoot at the event, you’ll need to register as a line shooter which you can do at this link. Shooter registration includes a 2021 Big Sandy T-Shirt as well as the option to sign up for various training courses and matches that will be held throughout the event.

    I’m glad to see events like Big Sandy kicking off again for 2021. Hopefully, this is a good sign that the firearms events scene will start returning to normal. It will be interesting to see how this machine gun shoot goes with the looming shadow of an ammunition shortage, however, I have suspicions that those who own these firearms and cannons aren’t hard-pressed for ammo if they’re attending. If you plan on attending the 2021 Big Sandy Shoot, it might be a good idea to get a good look at the guidelines for the event here.

    2021 Big Sandy Shoot is on! Bring out your Machine Guns!

    2021 Big Sandy SHoot Event Schedule:

    Big Sandy March Shoot Schedule

    Friday 19MAR21

    Shooters meeting: 11:15 AM – Mandatory!
    Shooting from: 12 noon to 4:00 PM
    Night shoot: Dark to 9:00 PM

    Saturday 20MAR21

    Shooters meeting: 8:30 AM – Mandatory!
    Split the pot raffle drawn during Saturday morning shooters meeting.
    Shooting from: 9:00 AM to 12 noon
    Shooting from: 1:00 – 4:00 PM
    Night Shoot: Dark – 9:00 PM

    Sunday 21MAR21

    Shooting from 8:30 AM to 10:30 AM

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