X Products X1 Stand Alone Drink Can and Golf Ball Launcher

    X Products X1 Stand Alone Launcher (1)

    Many of you are probably familiar with the X Products Can Cannon, an AR-15 upper receiver assembly that allows launching muzzle-loaded beverage cans using blank cartridges. At SHOT Show 2020, the company introduced the FORE golf ball launching adapter for the Can Cannon. The latest addition to this product line is the X1 Stand Alone Launcher. Let’s take a closer look.

    As its name implies, the X Products X1 Stand Alone Launcher does not require any additional parts to work. It’s like a giant break-action single-shot obrez or lupara. According to the description seen on the company’s website, this launcher is 3D printed and machined. Like the Can Cannon, the X1 Stand Alone Launcher also utilizes blank cartridges for propelling the projectiles. It is capable of launching soda cans and presumably other projectiles designed by X Products for the Can Cannon (grappling hook, fishing spear, launcher balls, launcher cups, etc.). It also has a golf ball launching adapter that can be threaded into the larger drink can barrel as shown in the picture below.

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    The MSRP of the X Products X1 Stand Alone Launcher is $399.99. Right now you can reserve one with a $20 deposit. The X1 Stand Alone Launcher is legally not a firearm and it should be possible to deliver it to your doorstep without any paperwork although the company’s website says that “delivery is slated for late 2021, pending ATF approval“… fingers crossed.

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    I haven’t shot this non-firearm but I think it is safe to say that shooting it should be a lot of fun. A version sporting a stock could be a good option unless the addition of a stock changes its legal status. I think someone should make a golf ball or flare launching replica of the M79 grenade launcher. What do you guys think about the X Products X1 Stand Alone Launcher?

    Images by X Products, www.xproducts.com

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