Long-Range Dominance with the new Leupold PR2 Reticle Mark 5HD

    Long-Range Dominance with the new Leupold PR2 Reticle Mark 5HD

    Leupold has just announced that as part of their new 2021 products lineup, the Mark 5HD riflescope will be given a new cutting edge reticle specifically designed for long-range shooters who need an enhanced degree of speed and precision. The PR2 reticle will feature a “clutter-free” Christmas tree design combined with the first focal plane technology already inside the Mark 5HD riflescope. (See both reticles at the end of this article)

    Long-Range Dominance with the new Leupold PR2 Reticle Mark 5HD

    Long-Range Dominance with the new Leupold PR2 Reticle Mark 5HD

    Designed to meet the challenges of precision accuracy at extremely long distances, the Mark 5HD gives shooters the competitive edge they’re looking for.

    From the superior edge-to-edge clarity and extreme low-light performance to the three revolutions of elevation adjustment and versatility of the PR2™ reticle, the Mark 5HD will max out the performance of the latest long-range rifles and ammunition–guaranteed.

    Developed with input from the country’s top competitors and professional shooters, the PR2 reticles are specifically designed for long-range speed and precision.

    Available in either MIL or MOA, the PR2 provides shooters with a clean sight picture that’s free of the clutter you see with other Christmas tree designs, allowing for fast accuracy, hold-offs, and shot corrections.

    Combined with the FFP construction of the Mark 5HD, you’ll be able to quickly range your target, compensate for windage and drop, and retain extreme precision at both the lowest and highest magnification. If you’re looking for superior long-range performance, then the Mark 5HD is the riflescope for you.

    The Mark 5HD with the FFP PR2 reticle will come in both MOA and MIL configurations based on your preference. In addition, both the MIL and MOA versions will be available in either a 5-25×56 or 7-35×56 configuration. The PR2 reticle is already being hailed by professional long ranges shooters as “clear, concise, and undeniably fast”. If these opinions hold true then the long-range market has just received a new top of the line riflescope. The 5-25×56 riflescopes will retail for $1,999.99 while the 7-25X56 versions will go for a price of $2,199.99.

    Long-Range Dominance with the new Leupold PR2 Reticle Mark 5HD

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