TFB Review: TactaLoad Flash-5 – Shotgun Stock With 5 Shells Inside

    First of all a big thanks to James Reeves for passing this along. TactaLoad is a firearms accessory manufacturer based in Louisiana. Their flagship product is the Flash-5 shotgun stock. It allows you to carry five extra shotgun shells in the stock.

    +5rd Shotgun Shells In The Flash-5 Stock

    Photo by TactaLoad

    Yes, you read that right, +5 rounds in the stock of the Flash-5. It’s not exactly revolutionary or groundbreaking but once you look closer you start to see why this shotgun stock is the best option for internal shell storage than anything else on the market.

    When I volunteered to review the Flash-5 I had to do some research. I could have sworn someone else had done something like this before. This is partially true. There are shotgun stocks that have internal shell storage but they are not great and in some cases terrible.

    The one I was thinking about was the old Speedfeed stock.

    Photo by CTD

    The Speedfeed stock only holds four shells. Two on each side. The other limitation is the length of the shells that are compatible with the stock. You can only use 2-3/4″ 12ga shells.

    In a tactical shotgun group, I was told that the Speedfeed stock tends to release the stowed shells when you least expected or wanted them to. The recoil of the shotgun could dislodge the stored shells thus prematurely ejecting them onto the ground. Also, you only have two shells on either side. Requiring a bit of manipulation to get all 4 shells out of the stock, assuming they haven’t pooped out onto the ground already.

    Other options are like the one seen below by Escort.



    Again limitations on shell length and dubious retention. Of course, there are other solutions like shell carriers on the side of the shotgun receiver or some sort of nylon webbing that straps extra shells to the outside of the stock. Some solutions are good like the Aridus Industries QDC while others are not due to not being suitable for left-handed shooters or if you have to shoot support side.

    The Flash-5 is completely ambidextrous. This is due to the design. The Flash-5 has an internal magazine in the stock.

    Look at the parts above. See the spring and follower? That is like a traditional box magazine. Next to that is the spacer. It has a removable piece, highlighted in blue outline, that once removed allows you to store 3-1/2″ 12 ga shells!

    Photo by TactaLoad

    Yes, you can store 5x 3-1/2″ shells. Other than a shotgun shell side saddle, I do not know of any stock systems that can accommodate that many other than the Choate shotgun stock.

    Choate stock

    The Choate stock does hold shells and any length you want however the stock leaves much to be desired. The length of pull is extremely long. The Flash-5 is nice and short and TactaLoad even makes a tactical butt plate for use with plate carriers or for people who prefer a shorter length of pull.

    In front of the shells is a retainer to prevent shells from inadvertently sliding out under recoil.

    Here is a video on loading the Flash-5 and how to load from it.

    The shells need to be oriented with the brass facing forwards. The rim of the shell provides additional purchase for removing the shell from the internal magazine. If you loaded the shells backwards there is the potential the rim of the shell could get stuck on the round above it thereby locking up the Flash-5.

    Using the Flash-5 stock is really easy and intuitive.

    Installation of the stock is really easy and TactaLoad provides all the tools and screws you need.

    Additionally, you can get their tactical butt pad or length of pull spacers if you prefer your shotgun to be further away from you.


    Flash-5 Final Thoughts

    The Flash-5 is made of 50% glass filled nylon by a company in Ohio. The internal magazine spring is made by a company in Connecticut exclusively for them and will last over 400,000 cycles. Michael Lavergne, founder and CEO of TactaLoad, patented the Flash-5 back in 2012 however it took a while to completely develop it and iron out the details to make it a solid bulletproof product that is robust and simple to use. He has 27 years of law enforcement experience. Majority of it working as a Special Agent for the US Secret Service.

    What makes the Flash-5 great is its simplicity and rugged design. It is an internal 5rd shotgun shell magazine oriented upside down in the stock. Because of this design, the presentation of the spare shotguns shells are always going to be in the same place every time you reach to grab one. With side saddles or other shell carrier systems, the shell position changes as you remove each subsequent shell. Not the case with the Flash-5. Also since the internal magazine is in the center of the stock, it is 100% ambidextrous in both loading and removing the shells.

    The TactaLoad Flash-5 retails for just $129.95 and it is made for both Remingto 870 and Mossberg 500/590/600/835/Maverick88 shotguns. The Tactical Buttpad and LOP spacers are extra. $14.95 and $19.95 respectively. Michael told me they are working on some updates for the Flash-5.  They also plan to make a new ergonomic pump grip. I would like to see other colors like FDE and OD Green for the stocks. For more information check out their website.

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