Low Capacity Version: New Springfield Armory 10-Round Hellcat

    Last year Guns & Ammo named the micro compact pistol Springfield Armory Hellcat “Handgun of the Year”, and it also got the “Gold Achievement Award” from the non-profit organization NTOA MTR. Now it’s time for a small but – in some areas – welcome addition to the for the Hellcat and the Hellcat OSP (Optical Sight Pistol) lines: a low-capacity version!

    Let’s start with looking at some of the details.

    What do you think of the sight? It consists of a high-visibility tritium and luminescent front sight.

    Here’s what Springfield Armory has to say about it:

    GENESEO, ILL. – Springfield Armory® is proud to announce the new 10-Round Hellcat® and Hellcat® OSP™ pistols. This new offering provides those in locales requiring restricted capacities an opportunity to own the most popular concealed carry pistol available.

    The 3″ barreled micro compact pistol was developed to offer shooters a cutting-edge CCW pistol with rugged durability. The +P rated handgun features a hammer forged steel barrel and billet machined slide, both featuring a Melonite™ coating. The lightweight and strong frame features Adaptive Grip Texture™, a seamless, pressure-activated texture featuring a pattern of staggered pyramid shapes. The taller pyramids have a flattened top to ensure comfort in the waistband, while the shorter pyramids come to a point and are engaged when the pistol is firmly gripped. A reversible mag release and non-proprietary accessory rail for lights and lasers ensure maximum adaptability.

    The OSP (Optical Sight Pistol) variant of the Hellcat features a removable seamless cover plate that allows direct mounting of a micro red dot to the slide for the lowest possible profile. Complementing the ability to mount a red dot optic is the Hellcat’s U-Dot™ sight system, offered on both the OSP and standard non-optic model. It is made up of a high-visibility tritium and luminescent front sight paired with a tactical rack U-notch rear. The direct-mount capability of the OSP allows for co-witnessing of the U-Dot sights with a red dot for ultimate instinctive target engagement.

    “The Hellcat has proven to be extremely popular since its launch due to its quality, capabilities and performance,” says Steve Kramer, Vice President of Marketing for Springfield Armory. “Now, with these new 10-round versions of the pistol in both standard and OSP versions, even more shooters have the chance to own the best concealed carry pistol on the market.”

    Ten round magazines. Ships with two state compliant 10-round magazines.

    So how much does it cost? The MSRP for the standard 10-Round Hellcat is $569 and the 10-Round Hellcat OSP has an MSRP of $599.

    You can find the links to the two versions here:

    Hellcat® 3″ 10-Round 9mm – Black | HC9319BLC https://www.spr-ar.com/r/4489

    Hellcat® 3″ OSP™ 9mm – Black | HC9319BOSPLC https://www.spr-ar.com/r/4490

    For more information abouot the Hellcat 3″ Micro-Compact 9mm Handgun, Low Capacity, please check here.

    Some of our readers come here for the comments, so as usual we’re interested in your feedback of this low capacity version of the Hellcat.

    Eric B

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