POTD: Ghillie Suited Sniper with Cadex Defence CDX-MC 338

    Photo: nikomuukkaphotography

    In today’s Photo Of The Day, we have some lovely photos from a very talented photographer called NM (nikomuukkaphotography). The account specializes in photography of weapons and tactical equipment, so it should be of interest to many of TFB’s readers.┬áThe sniper rifle is a Cadex Defence CDX-MC Kraken Multi-Caliber in .338 Lapua Magnum with a 27″ barrel.

    The outfit is a Cobra Suit Pro Line from Sprinter Custom Ghillie.

    I’m not sure about the riflescope, but the mount is definitely from Spuhr.

    The suppressor is huge, but there’s still the option to run it with a compensator as well.

    The bipod is a B&T Industries Atlas 5-H Bipod, which TFB reviewed in 2017.

    All photos by nikomuukkaphotography. You can find the Instagram channel here: https://www.instagram.com/nikomuukka/

    On the subject of bipods, did you see the Atlas Bipod Centipede?