POTD: Swiss Made – Phoenix AG Redback Duotone SAO 9mm

    Redback Ultralight SAO Duotone

    "It’s Phoenix Friday y’all and we got a Phoenix AG Redback Duotone SAO in 9mm for ya! Doesn’t it look all warm and cozy?! Don’t you just wanna shoot it?! Go on, shoot it..."

    In today’s Photo Of The Day, we take a look at some photos taken by Sportsman’s Loft in North Dakota, USA. They claim they have about 4,000 guns in stock and 2,500 on the sales floor. Above you can see the Phoenix AG Redback in Duotone SAO in 9×19 mm.

    According to the manufacturer, the Phoenix Redback is “…the new pistol for IPSC and Dynamic Shooting.” I haven’t tried it, but friends who have said it was great. Regardless, it looks great!

    The Phoenix Redback Specification:

    Material Upper Frame/Lower Frame Steel / Steel
    Caliber 9 x 19 mm / 9 x 21 mm
    Capacity 17 rounds
    Barrel length 4.547 inches
    Overall length 8.31 inches
    Height 5.40 inches
    Width 1.06 inches
    Weight 2.92 lb
    Trigger pull weight SA 3.30 lb / DA 8.16 lb
    Sight adjustable
    Safety manual safety

    Below is another duotone, the Ultralight model Phoenix Redback pistol:

    Monday’s are the worst… unless you’re holding a @phxphoenixag Redback! This Redback Ultralight SAO Duotone in 9mm makes everything better!

    PHX Phoenix AG is a Swiss company, and you can find their website here.

    You can find the Sportsman’s Loft on Facebook here.