Alchemy Custom Weaponry QUANTICO Pistols

    Alchemy Custom Weaponry Quantico HiCap (6)

    Alchemy Custom Weaponry Quantico HiCap

    Alchemy Custom Weaponry has introduced a new series of custom 1911 pistols dubbed Quantico. This family of pistols currently includes two models – Quantico and Quantico HiCap. The main difference between the two is that Quantico is a single stack .45 ACP gun whereas the Quantico HiCap is a double-stack 9mm pistol. Let’s see what features the Alchemy Custom Weaponry Quantico pistols pack.

    The slides and frames of Alchemy Custom Weaponry Quantico pistols are machined of 4140 steel and have a Bead Blasted Blue finish. Optionally, the frames, slides and small parts can be finished with full DLC or full Hard Chrome finishes. Both pistols feature beveled magazine wells and polished feed ramps. The standard sights are fixed ACW rear and red fiber optic front sights, however, it is possible to upgrade to a variety of other iron sights (adjustable rear sight, white dot, gold bead or tritium front sights, etc.) as well as to have a red dot sight cut with cowitnessed irons. The hand-fit match grade 5″ barrels can be ordered with a black finish or polished bare stainless steel. Front cocking serrations can also be added for an additional cost. The trigger pull weight of both pistols is 3.5-4 lbs. These pistols are guaranteed to print 1.5″ groups at 25 yards.

    Alchemy Custom Weaponry QUANTICO Pistols

    Below you can find the manufacturer descriptions and prices of each Quantico pistol.

    Alchemy Custom Weaponry Quantico

    Alchemy Custom Weaponry Quantico (2)

    Inspired by the FBI’s Hostage Rescue Team 1911s of the 90s, the ACW Quantico is every single stack operator’s dream come true.  We took the classic styling cues like square ejection ports and non scalloped frames from our Prime Series and adapted them for tactical use by adding a universal rail, ambi safety, HRT ledge slide stop and a flat trigger.   Quantico also comes with our ACW Extended Magwell, Tritium Front sight, double diamond G10 grips, and black coated or bare stainless barrel standard.

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    The base version of the Alchemy Custom Weaponry Quantico pistol costs $3,295. The current lead time is 6-8 months. The pistol is shipped with two 8-round magazines.

    Alchemy Custom Weaponry Quantico HiCap

    Alchemy Custom Weaponry Quantico HiCap (2)

    In a world filled with crazy race guns covered in serrations, we choose a different route.  Quantico HiCap embodies the classic styling of the 1911, combined with the quality gunsmithing Alchemy Custom Weaponry, to create high capacity pistol that is completely classic yet fully modern.   From the Flush cut and crowned barrel to the HRT (Hostage Rescue Team) flush cut slide stop, this pistol is exactly what you could imagine at the side of an Operator anytime from the 1990’s to today.

    Alchemy Custom Weaponry Quantico HiCap (3)

    The base configuration of the Alchemy Custom Weaponry Quantico HiCap pistol costs $3,495. The pistol comes with two 17-round 9mm magazines. The lead time is 6-8 months.

    The Alchemi Quantico pistols indeed harmonically combine practical modern features such as the high capacity magazines and accessory rails with the classic lines of the 1911 retaining the charm of John Browning’s brainchild. What do you think about this new line of Alchemy Custom Weaponry pistols?

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