WOOX Introduces New Furiosa Micarta Rifle Chassis

    Furiosa Micarta (WOOX)

    WOOX, the North Carolina purveyor of hybrid stocks, have announced the introduction of their new Furiosa Micarta Rifle Chassis. Designed for use with Remington 700, Howa 1500, Weatherby Vanguard, Sauer 100, and Tikka T3 actions. It combines aircraft-grade aluminum and micarta to create a slick looking chassis. The Furiosa Micarta joins WOOX’s Furiosa series along with Walnut and Midnight Grey options. MSRP for the new chassis is $1,199.00.


    Furiosa Micarta chassis (WOOX)

    Here’s what WOOX have to say about their new Furiosa Micarta chassis:

    Hickory, North Carolina – January 21, 2021 – WOOX has broken new ground with the introduction of the new Furiosa Micarta rifle chassis.

    The Furiosa rifle chassis were introduce in 2020 and quickly gained a reputation for accuracy, reliability, and classic design. Now in 2021, WOOX is introducing the first rifle chassis of its kind, combining aircraft grade aluminum and micarta.

    Micarta is widely regarded as one of the toughest materials made. During the production process, sheets of material are impregnated with colored dyes and phenolic resin. These sheets are then stacked together to achieve the desired thickness and bonded into a single sheet under tremendous pressure and heat. This process then produces a material that is impervious to cracking or warping. It also produces unique ergonomics with improved grip and never feels cold to the touch. Weather resistant, the WOOX Furiosa Micarta chassis cast off moisture, as well as most oils and solvents. An additional benefit is the exceptional vibrational harmonic dampening properties of the chassis material, which further assists accuracy.

    These new rifle chassis also maintain the timeless and sleek Italian design that all WOOX products have become renowned for.

    The WOOX Furiosa Micarta rifle chassis are designed and made in both Italy and Hickory, North Carolina. Available for Remington 700, Howa 1500, Weatherby Vanguard, Sauer 100, and Tikka T3 actions, the new Furiosa Micarta chassis have a retail price of $1,199.00

    Find out more at www.wooxstore.com.

    Are you in the market for a new chassis? Have you picked up any of WOOX’s other products? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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