POTD: Lead Slinging Sled for the Dutch Marines

    Dutch Marines Gun Sled (Korps Mariniers)

    Today’s Photo Of The Day features the Netherlands Korps Mariniers lead slinging sled! Unveiled a few months ago, the sled has an FN MAG 7.62x51mm general purpose machine gun mounted at its center.

    The Netherlands’ Korps Mariniers shared photos of a series of new sled equipment that was set to be used during the Joint Arctic Training taking place in Norway. The Pulks or sleds are specially designed to carry equipment like extra clothing, fuel and tents as well as weapons and ammunition. They can be pulled either by men, dogs or snowmobile. They will remove the need for Dutch marines to carry heavy packs while skiing – thus improving their mobility.

    Dutch Marines’ new sled equipment with GPMG removed from the mount (Korps Mariniers)

    The sleds were tested during previous winter training with the new set of ‘Pulks’ including a General Purpose Machine Gun Pulk which is just over 4 feet long, and then a 4.5 feet long operator Pulk and a 5 feet and 5 feet 6 inch Pulk for various uses. The gun sled is designed to be a platform from which the weapon can be fired not just a means of transporting it. The pintle mount attached at the center of the sled is adjustable and is at the right height for the gun to be fired by a Marine lying prone next to the sled.

    The new sled equipment will be issued out at the squadron level. In 2021 the Korps Mariniers plan on procuring two more sets of sleds so that a fully Marine Combat Group will be equipped with new Pulks.