[SHOT 2021] SIG Sauer ROMEO7S & JULIET3 Micro

    ROMEO7S & JULIET3 (SIG Sauer)

    A timeless love affair continues. At this year’s somewhat unconventional virtual SHOT Show, SIG Sauer announced the new models of their popular ROMEO red dot sights and JULIET magnifiers. SIG Sauer say the ROMEO7S compact sight and the JULIET3-MICRO Magnifier will be ‘coming soon’.

    Features of SIG Sauer’s ROMEO7S:

    • Offered in red or green 3 MOA Dot
    • 9 Day / 2 NV Brightness Settings
    • 20,000+ Hours of runtime off AAA battery
    • Slip-over, see through flip-backs included
    • Modular Mount Height (1.41″ or 1.63″)
    • IPX-7 Waterproofing

    ROMEO7S (SIG Sauer)

    Features of SIG Sauer Juliet 3-Micro RDS Magnifiers

    • High Performance Lens Coatings Including Dielectric Coated Prism for Excellent Light Transmission
    • Ultra-compact Size and Weight
    • Aircraft grade CNC aluminum housing ensures lifetime of reliable service
    • 90 Push-Button Flip-to-Side Magnifier Mount
    • Dependable Waterproof and Fogproof Performance

    Juliet 3-Micro (SIG Sauer)

    Below is SIG Sauer’s announcement:

    NEWINGTON, N.H., (January 18, 2021) – For 2021, SIG SAUER Electro-Optics is pleased to announce the expansion of the popular ROMEO line of red dot sights and JULIET magnifiers, with the ROMEO7S compact sight and the JULIET3-MICRO Magnifier.

    The SIG SAUER Electro-Optics ROMEO7 line of red dot sights provide the civilian and armed professional with an intuitive 1x aiming solution, optimized for today’s MSR platforms, regardless of caliber. The ROMEO7S is a 1x22mm compact red dot sight available in a red or green reticle and features high performance lens coatings for excellent light transmission and dot contrast, a precise 2MOA dot controlled via user-facing rotary dial, a durable half-inch hex mount for 1.41” and 1.63” sight heights, MOTAC to achieve 50,000 hours run time on a AAA battery, an aircraft grade aluminum
    housing, and dependable IPX-7 waterproof and fog proof performance.

    The SIG SAUER Electro-Optics JULIET3-MICRO 3x22mm magnifier is an ultra-compact and lightweight magnifier with a 90 degree push-button flip-to-side magnifier mount, an aircraft grade CNC aluminum housing and dependable IPX-7 waterproof and fog proof performance. With its high performance Dielectric coated prism, the JULIET3-MICRO Magnifier provides excellent light transmission.

    The SIG SAUER Electro-Optics ROMEO7S and JULIET3-MICRO are coming soon!

    Juliet 3-Micro(SIG Sauer)

    Are you looking to move to a red dot/magnifier set up? Have you looked at the earlier ROMEO and JULIET models? What do you think of the new pair?

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