[TFB GUNFEST] Magpul Introduces 20-Round 300 Blackout Magazine

    [TFB GUN FEST] Magpul PMAG 20 AR 300 B GEN M3

    [TFB GUN FEST] Magpul PMAG 20 AR 300 B GEN M3 Photo Credit: Austin Rex

    A brand new magazine product for the AR-15 platform has come to the market from Magpul with the release of the Magpul PMAG 20 AR 300 B GEN M3 20 round magazine. The new 20 round magazine features a unique design and specialized follower suited for the 300 Blackout cartridge.

    [TFB GUN FEST] Magpul PMAG 20 AR 300 B GEN M3

    [TFB GUNFEST] Magpul Introduces 20-Round 300 Blackout Magazine

    The new 300 Blackout magazines follow the Gen 3 configuration but are distinct in several different ways and cater to specific customers and specific guns. With regards to the AR 300 Blackout magazines, I like that they are distinctly labeled with a 7.62×35 marking much like their 5.56×45 magazines are marked for clarity. This will help with organizational junkies like me who like to have magazines for specific guns which consequently means that these should help avoid loading the wrong ammo into your gun.

    [TFB GUN FEST] Magpul PMAG 20 AR 300 B GEN M3

    It seems to me that Magpul made a deliberate choice to make these in only a 20 round configuration. Since 20 rounds are the standard box size for 300 Blackouts, this mates perfectly with what you buy and you won’t end up with 10 loose rounds in a box somewhere or in your range bag (if using the currently available 30 round 300 Blackout PMAGs). On top of that, 20 rounds seems like a good limit considering that many subsonic projectile weights are 200 plus grains making a 30 round magazine pretty heavy.

    With 300 Blackout becoming a popular choice for hunters and recreational shooters alike, I think the addition of a 300 Blackout 20-round magazine is a smart choice for the Magpul brand and I am excited to see what they are going to release next to add to their already strong line of firearm feeding products. Make sure to check back on the blog every day this week for more content from Magpul at the TFB Gun Fest 2021 event. Comments and thoughts below as always!

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