New Vertical Front Grip from Spuhr

    Did you ever feel that you needed a vertical front grip for your Spuhr Interface handguard? Now you can, with the new R-100 Front Grip. Vertical front grips are controversial in my world, while I do like them and use them (always) on some firearms they are “forbidden” on others. It almost feels like cheating using them, but on some occasions – like barricade shooting – they may be in the way so I try not to get used to them.

    From the Spuhr website:

    Article no.: R-100

    Lightweight slim profile aluminum pistol grip for forends featuring Spuhr Interfaces™ . Length: 72.3 mm/2.85” Width: 15.9 mm/0.63” Weight: 47 g/1.7 oz Note: Includes M4x8 screw
    On a short firearm like the Heckler & Koch MP5, a front grip is useful to avoid shooting yourself in the hand, it also gives the shooter better control of the weapon as it might be difficult to clamp it due to lasers, flashlight and other cool devices.

    For obvious reasons, there are a lot of firearms that don’t use the Spuhr interface, but for those who do this might be a nice option to consider.

    The Spuhr interface is used by – for instance – the AK 4C for the Swedish Armed Forces. The German Bundespolizei (German Federal Police) also use some of the Spuhr upgrades to make their HK MP5 more modern, it will probably run for another 40-50 years now… In this link, you can also see some of the history of the development of this front grip, including some 3D printed prototypes.

    In other news: CZ Group Acquires a Minority Stake in Spuhr.

    What do you think about vertical front grips? Do you like them or not?

    Eric B

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