[TFB GUNFEST] Magpul QR Rail Grabber – ARCA/Picatinny Rail Bipod Mount

    At last week’s TFB GUNFEST, Magpul brought out a whole host of new products. This one caught my eye for my long-range precision gun. The Magpul QR Rail Grabber is a bipod mount for ARCA and Picatinny rail all in one.

    The original Magpul Bipod came out in 2018. It now comes in four variants. M-LOK, Picatinny, A.R.M.S. 17S and now Sling Stud.

    While these four bipod options will more than likely help you mount a bipod to your rifle, there was one style that was missing, ARCA rail. While the 17S bipod is universal and you could buy an ARCA mount of your choosing there hasn’t been one from Magpul. Many of the aftermarket mounts are solely for ARCA or Picatinny. There aren’t many out there that can attach to both specifically for bipods. In fact, I don’t know of one.

    The Magpul QR Rail Grabber is a simple design. It has self adjusting jaws that open with a large screw. With the jaws opened all the way, you can attach the Magpul QR Rail Grabber onto an ARCA plate. Magpul makes ARCA plates that attach to M-LOK slots in your chassis or handguard. But you can use the QR Rail Grabber for any ARCA compatible rail.

    As mentioned earlier the Magpul QR Rail Grabber can attach to both ARCA and Picatinny. You just need to turn the knurled knob to tighten and close the jaws of the Rail Grabber. You can see the mount has Picatinny lugs machined into it to interlock with a Picatinny rail, then the jaws grab the angled sides.

    The only downside is that the jaws are not spring activated. You need to turn the adjustment knob a lot to switch from ARCA to Picatinny. It will retail for $79.95 and be available next month. The Magpul QR Rail is designed for anything that uses ARMS 17S so you can get one to upgrade your ATLAS bipod or Thunderbeast bipods.

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