Cabot Guns OAK Custom Collection “Blue Scorpion” Pistol

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    Cabot Guns OAK Custom Collection consists of one-of-a-kind 1911 pistols that look more like art museum exhibits. These guns represent a combination of the most amazing design ideas, rarest materials, and most complicated manufacturing and finishing techniques that thanks to the skills of Cabot designers and master gunsmiths become unique masterpieces. Today, we’ll take a look at the latest member of the Cabot OAK Custom family – the Blue Scorpion pistol.

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    The Cabot website page dedicated to the Blue Scorpion pistol tells the following about the scorpion as a symbol and inspiration for creating this pistol:

    Ancient folk legends speak of a mystic stung by a scorpion. As the deadly creature skitters away, an acolyte asks, “Why did you not kill the scorpion?”

    The white-haired holy man replies, “Because it is in the nature of the scorpion to sting.”

    Its poisonous tail and menacing appearance mean the scorpion has been feared throughout history. Many relate the creature with demons and evil spirits. Yet the scorpion is also a strong symbol used in apotropaic—or sympathetic—magic, regarded as a powerful guardian and protector. It is in this vein that Cabot’s Blue Scorpion was conceived.

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    The scorpion on the slide and frame of the pistol along with the roots pattern are hand engraved by Otto Carter, FEGA certified master engraver, a man behind many other Cabot OAK Custom pistol engravings. The engraved parts are finished with Cabot’s Black Ice Diamond-Like Carbon finish. The mesmerizing Cabot Blue color of other parts is applied by the vapor deposition technique. Needless to say, that pistols of this grade are made to extreme precision of tolerances. In fact, Cabot Guns state that “Supreme tolerances define the construction of the Blue Scorpion“. Lastly, the pistol is enclosed in a custom blue French fit case made by Stephen Parker, a custom furniture and box maker.

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