POTD: Swedish Combat Divers

    In previous Photos Of The Day articles, we have looked at Russian Combat Swimmers with the APS Underwater Rifle and US Naval Special Warfare Military Diving Operations. We also had the postcards from the German Kampfschwimmers from a much warmer place than Sweden.

    Above you can see Swedish Combat/Attack Divers armed with Ak5s and Aimpoints (FN FNC) coming up from the water. Their main task is to scout and carry out sabotage, in all conceivable environments and climates. They are part of the Amphibious Battalion, where they are practicing along the northern coast and the Sundsvall area, Lower Norrland, in Sweden.

    The pictures were taken during the previous year and show part of what we do best – defending Sweden’s coast and the country’s national interests!

    All photos by Maja Hansson (Försvarsmakten), Swedish Armed Forces.

    Check out the Over-The-Beach with the U.S. Navy SEALs.

    There are more pictures from the Amphibious Battalion here: PSG-90 (L96A1 AW) in Archipelago Endeavor 2018.