With regards to night vision, I am pretty much squared away and then some. But when it comes to thermal devices I have yet to get something good. All I want for Christmas is an NVision NOX, SKEETIRx and ammo.

    NVision Optics NOX

    Over a year ago I reviewed the NVision Halo and Halo-LR. I was extremely impressed with these thermal weapon sights. However, while using them for an impromptu coyote hunt, I found scanning with a gun is not ideal. I want a monocular that I can handhold or mount on a bridge and wear it on a helmet.

    Photo by NVision

    The Nox looks like a miniaturized version of the HALO. But it has a dovetail on the top for mounting on a helmet while it has a Picatinny rail mount on the bottom if you want to mount it to a firearm.

    Photo by NVision

    NVision NOX on an AR

    Photo by NVision

    Here is a video shot by Sure Shot Night Vision of rite NVision NOX.

    The resolution and clarity if just off the charts. The video of the truck and farm building is surreal.

    Nox is a small 12-micron 60Hz fully functional thermal weapon sight that can serve double duty as a head-mounted monocular or a scanner. This unique product is proudly designed and built in the USA, using the best commercially available BAE thermal imaging cores and the highest grade optical components. Nox is available in an 18mm or 35mm lens configuration, allowing for the best magnification and field of view combination, depending on your environment.

    Nox can be user-configured for the right or left eye, dual-mounted with another Nox or with a night vision monocular, such as PVS-14. Weapon and/or dovetail mounts are removable to reduce the size and weight of the unit to help achieve optimal NOX configuration.

    Power Supply Options
    Each NOX ships with a standard CR123 battery and a rechargeable 18650 battery (and charger). Depending on ambient temperature, you can expect up to an hour and a half of run time with a standard CR123 battery and from four to seven plus hours on the rechargeable 18650 battery. For the ultimate power solution, Nox can be powered with an external USB battery bank via the provided USB-C cable.

    User Interface
    NOX has five highly ergonomic control buttons that permit immediate access to the frequently used functions (calibration, polarity, zoom, photo, power) and allow access to the user-friendly menu system for zeroing and/or customization of device parameters. This includes a standalone calibration button that provides the user with the ability to calibrate the unit with one hand in under one second.

    Just like the Halo, the NOX retails for $6,195.

    Trijicon SKEETIRx

    Photo by Trijicon

    Photo by Trijicon


    Photo by Trijicon

    While the NOX is great, the SKEETIRx is the king of thermal monoculars. It is smaller and has a built-in IR laser designator. This allows you to laze a target for your non-thermal friends who only have night vision. The SKEETIRx predates the NVision NOX and it functions similarly. It can be mounted to a gun, handheld or mounted on a bridge. Below are twin SKEETIRx on a Wilcox bridge.

    Photo by Ultimate Night Vision

    The SKEETIR also works as a clip-on in front of low magnification optics.

    Photo by Trijicon

    Photo by Trijicon

    Photo by Trijicon

    The sensitivity and resolution are phenomenal. Take a look at the sample pics below.

    Photo by Trijicon

    Photo by Trijicon

    The SkeetIR-X with IR Laser is a Micro Thermal Multi-purpose Unit. The SkeetIR-X is unlike any other device in both form and function. The SkeetIR-X is small, light, and extremely durable. It is optically and electronically optimized, surpassing current systems by no small margin. With an operational runtime of more than two hours and a system weight of 9 ounces, the SKEETIR®x sight exceeds competitive products specifications and performance. A simple menu function featuring a single button press allows for essential operation of the SKEETIR®x sight eliminating the need to remember locations on the device for different functions while operating the system in darkness. Features such as inherent weapons use and user selectable electronic reticles support wide ranging mission with clear definition.


    • Covertly finding and locating objects without visible light
    • First responder land & water, search & rescue, and fugitive pursuit and apprehension
    • Officer safety and protection
    • Hot spot and disturbed surface detection
    • Crime scene investigations


    • Proven military system
    • Versatile system that quickly transitions from clip-on to handheld to helmet-mount mode
    • Greatly enhances vision at night or in dust or smoke
    • conditions
    • Seamless operational transition from observation to a
    • targeting device
    • Versatility to support a wide range of missions
    • Superior image quality


    What I REALLY Want For Christmas

    The Trijicon SKEETIR is cool but I have a hard time justifying the price tag. The SKEETIRx retails for around $15,000! That is a bit out of my price range. While it is the king of thermal monoculars, I feel that I can find something for less that would work just as well. While I would love to have one for XMas, I could not ask nor pay for something like this in good conscience. Now we come to the more attractive alternative, the NVision NOX. The performance of the NOX appears to work very very well. The image is sharp and highly detailed. Best part? It is less than half the price of the SKEETIRx. We will have to see if it performs as well. The NOX is very new so the jury is still out but hopes are high.

    Of course, the one thing I am sure many of you want for Xmas is ammo. We could all use more ammo, especially in these difficult times. I am not picky on caliber, just anything that I have a gun for that can shoot said ammo. A Christmas stocking full of ammo would be greatly appreciated as well as a pallet or two under the Christmas tree. Might as well wish big. Hope you have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

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