POTD: The FN SCAR in Spring Storm

    In today’s Photo Of The Day, we have 17 nations working together for defence and deterrence in NATO’s enhanced Forward Presence Battle Group Latvia. Here they are in Estonia as part of the multinational exercise called Spring Storm. Above you can see soldiers with FN SCARs. I think a lot of our readers would like to find an FN SCAR 20S under the Christmas tree?

    Below: two other soldiers flexing their biceps and what I think is an 84 mm Carl Gustaf recoilless rifle.

    A 40 mm Grenade Launcher on a tripod, which I think is the Heckler & Koch GMG which is short for GranatMaschinenGewehr or “grenade machine gun”. This could be the C16 Close Area Suppression Weapon (CASW) which is license-built by Rheinmetall Defence Canada. The rifles look like Colts.

    You can find pictures of the Heckler & Koch GMG at the grenade launcher range here. There are also more pictures from Battle Group Latvia in Estonia here.