Marlin Lever Gun Furniture by British FORM Rifle Stocks

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    The latest addition to the product line of Form Rifle Stocks, a British company specialized in manufacturing wooden firearm furniture, is a series of stock sets for different Marlin lever action rifles. These stocks were apparently first introduced at the beginning of the year, during the British Shooting Show 2020. Let’s see what options and features they offer.

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    Marlin Model 1894 lever-action rifle in Form red/black laminate stock.

    Form stocks for Marlin lever guns are made of Scandinavian birch laminate wood supplied by Finnish CWP. These stocks feature a toolless push-button adjustable cheekpiece. The adjustment mechanism is made of machined aluminum and utilizes nylon bushing to provide smooth and precise adjustments. More often than ever before people equip their lever guns with scopes and an adjustable cheekpiece will definitely be a handy feature allowing to have a perfect cheek weld with the scope.

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    Marlin Model 1895 rifle equipped with Form black (Ebony Classic) stock.

    Form Rifle Stocks currently offer these stocks for the following models of Marlin lever action rifles: 1895, 1894, 1894C, 1894CB, and 336. Depending on the original stock and lever profiles of any particular model of Marlin lever guns, Form stocks will have a pistol grip or a straight grip. Currently, there are the following four laminate color options to choose from: Walnut Classic, Ebony Classic, Red/Black and Blue/Black. The overall weight of these stocks is 1200 grams (about 42 oz), with slight variation depending on the model.

    Marlin Lever Gun Stocks by British Form Rifle Stocks (2)

    The four colors currently offered by Form Rifle Stocks.

    Form Rifle Stocks Marlin lever gun furniture sets (handguard and buttstock) have an MSRP of £530 ($700). The company also offers the buttstocks (£415, about $550) and forends (£115, a little over $150) separately.

    With the current popularity of customized lever guns, it’s good to have more options. What do you think about these Marlin lever gun stocks? Do you like the look of laminate furniture on lever action rifles? Do you use a scope on your Marlin and if yes, did you have to raise the cheek weld height?

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