Nosler Reloading Guide 9 Now Available

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    Announced about a week ago, the new Nosler Reloading Guide 9 is now available for purchase. According to Nosler, the 9th edition manual has been in the making for five years and within its 800 pages, it contains comprehensive reloading data generated from thousands of hours of testing conducted in the Nosler Ballistic Lab. Let’s see what one should expect to find in the latest Nosler reloading guide.

    Compared to the previous edition, the Nosler Reloading Guide 9 includes data on the following 9 new cartridges: 20 Nosler, 22 Nosler, 24 Nosler, 6mm Creedmoor, 6mm XC, 6.5 PRC, 27 Nosler, 7.62×39 and 33 Nosler. The new manual also has updated information for many cartridges with hundreds of new powder additions. And of course, it covers every single Nosler bullet the company offered in 2020 (.17 to .458 caliber rifle projectiles, and 9mm to 45 caliber handgun bullets). Overall, there is reloading data for 101 rifle and handgun cartridges in the Nosler Reloading Guide 9. Those of you who are just getting into reloading, will find a step by step explanation of the ammunition reloading process. There are also articles dedicated to some famed cartridges, written by renowned industry experts.

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    Some of the cartridges designed by Nosler. Left to right: 22 Nosler, 26 Nosler, 27 Nosler, 28 Nosler, 30 Nosler, 33 Nosler.

    Nosler’s press release announcing the availability of the new manual quotes John R. Nosler, President of Nosler, Inc., who said:

    Trends in powders and bullets have all changed, but what remains the same is the dedication our team has put into this manual to give you, the customer, a friendly and insightful read.

    Nosler Reloading Guide 9 is listed on the company’s website at $24.95. It is also available at a number of retail stores.

    Although nowadays, the reloading data you need, you can probably either find online or purchase in a form of an application or e-book, I think many of you, like this author, still prefer working with printed books for the same reasons why people still buy printed books in general. What do you guys think? Are the days of printed reloading guides numbered or do you think they will always be demanded?

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