POTD: Swedish Arctic Rangers with PSG 90B Sniper Rifles

    As the Swedish Army is looking for a New Multi-Caliber Sniper Weapon System, the snipers are busy using their current issue sniper rifle called PSG 90B (AI AW) in 7.62×51 mm. This is our topic for today’s Photo Of The Day.

    Below: Hiding in the forest, using an improvised tripod. The riflescope is a Schmidt & Bender 3-12×50 PMII.

    POTD: Swedish Arctic Rangers with PSG 90B Sniper Rifles

    The PSG 90B sniper rifle is manufactured by Accuracy International. The Swedish rifle is the Arctic Warfare version of the British L96A1. In the Swedish Armed forces it is called PSG-90 (Prickskyttegevär 90) i.e. Sniper Rifle adopted in 1990.

    “DENNA SIDA MOT FIENDEN” – Secret Swedish Ranger language for “THIS SIDE TOWARDS ENEMY”. If you’re close enough to read it, you’re definitely too close.

    Below: Observing and taking notes.
    It’s grim up north, the lake is already frozen.
    Below: The Ak5C.
    These pictures serve as a good example of why it’s important to cover your hands with gloves, as they stand out.
    The Army’s fighter battalion is the Armed Forces’ qualified resource for intelligence gathering and combat far into the opponent’s territory where other own units cannot act or achieve sufficient effect.  The Army’s fighter battalion is the only unit in the Armed Forces that has full capacity for reconnaissance and combat in a subarctic environment and is a clear and unique Swedish contribution to European crisis management capabilities. Over time, the unit contributes with a small number deployed abroad

    All photos by Mats Carlsson and David Kristiansen / Försvarsmakten, Norrbottens regemente – I 19, Swedish Armed Forces