New Scope Rings from Zero Compromise Optic

    Earlier this year TFB had the pleasure to review the Zero Compromise ZC527 Riflescope together with a Spuhr mount. Now they have developed their own brand of scope rings, which have been styled, and manufactured to ZC’s specifications by American Precision Arms.

    According to the release, the new rings utilize a unique rail clamp interface which pivots upward and applies a clamping pressure along the bottom edge of the scope rail ensuring total contact of the clamping foot. As you can see, most if not all corners seem to be rounded off which is a nice touch.

    Below you can see the announcement made on their Facebook page:
    The new rings will be manufactured in two heights. The Low Height version measures 0.984 inch from the top of the scope rail to the scope centerline. The Medium height rings measure 1.100 inch. For reference, on a 20 MOA scope rail, the Low height will clear our ZC527 with 56mm objective bell and allow room for common lens covers to attach and still clear heavy contour barrel profiles.
    Lots of interest in our new scope rings and lots of questions we’ve been getting about them. Here are some pics to show barrel clearance and other angles.
    Both rifles have MTU contour barrels
    Both rifles have 20 MOA scope bases
    Both set ups use our low height ring at 0.984″
    The ZC420 has 0.200″ clearance between scope and barrel. Tenebraex caps will clear so long as the lip of the cap is positioned to open to the side. Or a relief notch is cut in the lip of the cap. Aadmount caps will clear also.
    The ZC527 has 0.045″ clearance between scope and barrel. If you use lens caps and similar barrel contours, you will want our medium height at 1.100″ for clearance. However, a medium palma barrel will allow clearance of caps on the ZC527 with the low height but it will only be by about a millimeter.
    The clamp foot bolts apply torque at an upward angle, inline with the bottom edge of the picatinny rail. The top portion of the rail clamp is set in a little pocket of sorts allowing it to rotate, and providing excellent clamping surface contact.
    All corners are well rounded and snag free. The overall design beautifully compliments our knurling pattern on the controls.
    The ZC420 is on my wishlist of riflescopes I would like to review. Perhaps it may be realized in the spring of 2021?
    I was not able to find any pricing and the new mounts don’t seem to be on Zero Compromise’s website yet.

    Eric B

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