New Budget LPVO: Athlon Optics Ares ETR 1-10×28 UHD

    Say hello to the new LPVO (Low Power Variable Optic) from Athlon Optics. It’s called Ares ETR 1-10×28. It’s been designed for close-range shooting as well as precise long range shots. With a 10x magnification range it’s supposed to provide fast target acquisition as well as a wide field of view.

    There are two reticles to choose from: either a First Focal Plane MIL-based reticle or an FFP BDC MOA-based reticle both of which are designed for a .223/5.56mm 68-69gr BTHP trajectory. The weight is only 19.2 oz or 544 grams. With an MSRP of $1,139.99, this could be a budget alternative to Vortex Razor 1-10x.

    Here is the Product Announcement from Athlon Optics:

    Olathe, Kansas – Athlon Optics meets the latest trend in Low Power Variable Optics (LPVOs) with the affordable, feature rich First Focal Plane Ares ETR 1-10×28. The ultimate in versatility, this 10x magnification range optic is paired with a reticle designed to duplicate the speed of a red dot on 1x and the extended range capabilities of a precision reticle on 10x.

    Ultra High Definition ED-Glass, illuminated reticles and a 34mm tube excel in lowlight conditions in tactical situations and hunting alike. Featuring either a FFP MIL-based reticle or a FFP BDC MOA-based reticle designed for .223/5.56mm 68-69gr BTHP cartridges to suit a wide range of applications. A high-light of the Ares 1-10×28 is the fool-proof turret design, complete with capped windage, and a locking elevation turret with Athlon’s Precision Zero Stop System.

    UHD GLASS Extra-Low Dispersion glass significantly reduces chromatic aberration giving you an utmost bright and sharp image with true color reproduction.

    AFMC Advanced Fully Multi-Coating, a uniquely designed coating applied on all lens surfaces that gives better light transmission, allowing optimum brightness and true color across the entire light spectrum.

    FFP First Focal Plane provides reticle validity at all magnifications

    Locking Elevation Turret This Locking Feature allows you to push down to lock the turret and pull up to turn. This feature prevents the elevation knob from being turned accidentally and keeps your zero all the time.

    Precision Zero Stop System The system allows you to lock down your zero position and dial back to it with a sharp and precise stop right at your zero mark.

    For more information about Athlon Optics, please visit

    About Athlon Optics:

    Athlon is a proud US sports optics product company. Devoted to designing and delivering superior quality optics products and outdoor accessories at a competitive price to our consumers via our distribution and retail channels. Athlon has strong engineering capabilities, strategic alliances with quality manufacturers, and a streamlined fully integrated supply chain. These advantages enable us to bring the latest cutting-edge technologies and cut out the extra layers of traditional supply chains. With these advantages we can deliver products to consumers with great cost savings. Our goal from day one is to pass those savings to you, the outdoor enthusiast.

    Here you can see the ATMR3 FFP reticle at 1x and 10x magnification.

    You can find a direct link here: Ares ETR 1-10×28 ATMR3 FFP IR MIL UHD. I was not able to find any information where it is produced, as I presume this is going to be of interest to some of our readers.

    If you’re interested in what’s on the other side of the price-scale, check out TFB’s reviews of the 1-8×24 PM II ShortDot Dual CC from Schmidt & Bender. Also, Matt E’s review of the Vortex Razor HD GEN III 1-10×24 scope must be mentioned as a reference.

    What do you think of the new Ares ETR 1-10×28? Interested in getting one?

    Eric B

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