ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS: A Beltfed FN M249S And More

    ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS: A Beltfed FN M249S And More

    Sitting on Santa’s lap as an adult is a completely different experience from when you were a young kid. Back then you had no money, completely dependent on your parents for any sort of commercially available goods and services. As a grown-up, you have the means and ability to save your cash and (eventually) buy the things you want. So, for me, bending the Big Man’s ear is all about semi-realistic hopes and dreams. I’m not swinging for the fences asking for a transferable MP5, a 10K of ammo or a Dillon Aero minigun. All I want for Christmas is an FN M249S, an H&K MK23 with a KAC suppressor and an LMT M203 40mm grenade launcher. Now that I think about it, my mid-life Christmas list is almost identical to the list I had in elementary school.

    Here’s the deal, there’s a small chance I’ll be able to own one of these items in my life, but I highly doubt it will be for Christmas 2020. So instead I have selected a few “just as good” gift ideas that are certainly more affordable than anything on my list. So Santa, if you’re reading, feel free to keep my requests on file.

    FN M249S or FN M249S PARA

    I can hear the comments already – “semiautomatic belt-feds are stupid”. And while the argument is absolutely valid, I don’t care. I want a crew-served firearm and the M249S is about as cool as it gets. So the FN M249S is on my list. Black, FDE, PARA – I don’t care.

    M249S @ TFB

    FN249S –

    $8499 MSRP

    The FN M249S®, a semi-automatic version of the M249 SAW light machine gun, was originally developed by FN Herstal as the FN MINIMI® and adopted by the U.S. military in 1988. The rifle features the signature 18.5-inch FN cold hammer-forged, chrome-lined barrel and operates from a closed-bolt position. Chambered in 5.56x45mm NATO, the rifle will accept both magazine and linked ammunition belt and offers a 4.0-6.5 pound trigger pull out of the box.

    • CALIBER: 5.56x45mm
    • OPERATION: Closed-bolt
    • MAG CAPACITY: 200 Rd. belt or 30 Rd. mag
    • WEIGHT: 17.2 lb.
    • BARREL LENGTH: 18.5″
    • OVERALL LENGTH: 40.75″
    • OVERALL HEIGHT: 9.5″
    • TRIGGER PULL: 4 – 6.5 lb.
    • TWIST RATE: 1:7 RH

    FN249S PARA –

    $8799 MSRP

    Own the newest addition to the Military Collector Series – the FN M249S® PARA, a semi-auto version of the currently contracted FN® M249 PARA. The PARA was designed for airborne, armored infantry and close quarters combat (CQC) operations with a shorter barrel and collapsible buttstock. It retains all of the features of the FN® M249 SAW and can be field-converted back to the standard model configuration in just 30 seconds.

    • CALIBER: 5.56x45mm
    • OPERATION: Closed-bolt
    • MAG CAPACITY: 200 Rd. belt or 30 Rd. mag
    • WEIGHT: 16 lb.
    • BARREL LENGTH: 16.1″
    • OVERALL LENGTH: 31.5″ – 37″
    • OVERALL HEIGHT: 9.5″
    • TRIGGER PULL: 4 – 6.5 lb.
    • TWIST RATE: 1:7 RH

    Tomytec Little Armory LA032: M249 Type Plastic Model Kit – $27.49

    M249 Machine Gun Shirt- $15.99

    H&K MK23 And KAC Suppressor

    The new pistol caliber king is 9mm, practically burying .45 ACP in the ground. And yet I don’t care, I want an MK23 and a Knight’s Armament suppressor. As a suppressor nerd, I feel like I need this iconic combination.

    Heckler & Koch MK23 Pistol –

    $2399 MSRP

    The HK Mark 23 Caliber .45 ACP pistol gives shooters match grade accuracy equal to that of the finest custom made handguns — yet exceeds the most stringent operational requirements ever demanded of a combat handgun. The Mark 23 provides this accuracy without the need for hand-fitted parts common in custom-built match pistols costing thousands of dollars more. One of the most thoroughly tested handguns in history, the MK23/Mark 23 project originated in 1991 when HK began development for the U.S. Special Operations Command, the organization that directs the activities of America’s most elite military units, including the Navy SEALs and the Army Special Forces. On May 1, 1996, the first HK MK 23 pistols were delivered to the U.S. Special Operations Command for operational deployment, making the MK 23 the first caliber .45 ACP pistol to enter American military service since the venerable Government Model 1911A1.

    • Threaded O-ring barrel with polygonal bore profile
    • Match grade trigger
    • One piece machined steel slide
    • Frame mounted decocking lever and separate ambidextrous safety lever
    • Can be carried “cocked and locked” in single action mode with the safety lever on
    • Patented HK recoil reduction system
    • Corrosion resistant blued finish
    • Corrosion proof fiber-reinforced polymer frame
    • Oversized trigger guard for use with gloves
    • Universal mounting grooves for installing accessories
    • Ambidextrous magazine release lever
    • Extended slide release
    • Extractor doubles as a loaded chamber indicator
    • Patented Lock-Out Safety device


    Knight’s Armament MK23 Suppressor –

    $1500 MSRP (approx.)


    • Weight: 15.4oz
    • Length: 7.5″
    • Threaded Connection for Mk23 Pistols.
    • NSN: 1005-01-435-1917

    BBtac m23 airsoft gun mark23 spring airsoft pistol – $19.24

    LMT M203 40mm Grenade Launcher

    While sourcing 40mm chalk rounds is now a difficult process, acquiring an explosive 40mm grenade will be nearly impossible. And yet, I don’t care. Owning a grenade launcher is a dream of mine, and the LMT Shorty 40 is about as it gets. So Santa, hook me up with the bloops.

    LMT Short 40 M203 40mm Pistol –

    $2299 MSRP

    • Designed as a stand alone pistol grip weapon system it includes the LMT frame for rail mounted M203.
    • Utilizes 7″ 40mm 1:48” RH twist barrel.
    • Built of aerospace aluminum it includes an LMT® ergonomic grip.
    • NSN: 1010-99-849-1437

    US Grenade Launchers: M79, M203, and M320 – $20

    GoatGuns Miniature M203- $15

    Honestly, I’m blessed with everything I need in this world, but Christmas is a good time to dream. Thanks for reading everyone. Merry Christmas and I wish you all a healthy, safe and happy holiday season.

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