New Tripod Caddy from Armageddon Gear

    Armageddon Gear, Buena Vista, Georgia (USA) has a new option for those who want to put some cosmetics on their tripod. I have a few of their bags for Precision Rifle Series-style shooting and have always liked their products and quality. Their new tripod caddy ables you to store important things like your Kestrel wind and temperature device, pens, ammunition, magazines, gloves and everything else you need and don’t need.

    Designed by AG pro staffer Francis Colon, the Armageddon Gear Tripod Caddy provides you a convenient way to keep your match essentials close at hand. There is a spot for everything you might need on this awesome piece of gear. Kestrel, data boards, pens, match book, magazines, water bottle and even snivel gear. The convenient fold-down workspace provides a rigid surface to take notes and keep up with your score or record data. Perfect for shooting the match and especially useful for the Range Officer’s. Available in mulitcam and gray. Made in the USA, RLTW!! On our website now!
    About Armageddon Gear:
    Armageddon Gear is a result of the collective ideas of former and current Special Operations Soldiers, competition shooters and Patriots. The Armageddon Gear brand products are designed to be simple, efficient and extremely rugged. These products are designed with years of practical experience as a guide.

    The price is $159.99. I have been considering designing my own tripod caddy, but at this price point, it’s difficult to make one cheaper. Regardless, I am going to get something similar for my Swarovski Optics STR80 MRAD Spotting Scope and the Innorel RT90C Carbon Fiber Tripod with Really Right Stuff BH-55 Ball Head.

    You can find the Tripod Caddy here:

    The only drawback I can think of is that this type of design may act as a sail if you’re in an area with a lot of wind. What do you think of the tripod caddy? Is it something you are using or would consider?

    Eric B

    Ex-Arctic Ranger. Competitive practical shooter and hunter with a European focus. Always ready to increase my collection of modern semi-automatics, optics and sound suppressors. TCCC Certified medic.