POTD: Royal Marine Commandos in Exercise Serpent Rock

    Royal Marine Commandos are the topic of our Photo Of The Day. Here they are using a cordless angle grinder to get through a barrier in an urban set up in the Great North Road Tunnel. The photo was taken during Exercise Serpent Rock last year. The firearm is most likely a Colt C8.

    Exercise Serpent Rock was a two-week Mission Specific Training (MST) exercise designed to enhance operational capability in line with 43 Commando Fleet Protection Royal Marines  Training Directive. Serpent Rock focused on mission related training, including honing skills centered around mission-specific Close Quarter Battle (CQB) and complex operations in the Urban environment.

    The 43 Commando Fleet Protection Group Royal Marines is a 550-man unit of the Royal Marines responsible for guarding the United Kingdom’s Naval nuclear weapons and providing Royal Marine Boarding Teams and the very high readiness Fleet Contingent Troop to conduct maritime interdiction operations in support of the Royal Navy. The unit based at HM Naval Base Clyde is part of 3 Commando Brigade.

    There are more pictures of the Royal Marine Commandos here, including their new uniform.

    Photo by UK Ministry of Defence 2020. Caption by the Royal Navy.