New Taran Tactical 2011 Ultimate Magwell

    About a year ago, Taran Tactical Innovations were fighting the Wildfires in California. After several product releases it’s safe to say that TTI are back in action. In fact, they have grown and¬†are relocating to a larger facility close to the current one.

    They now also have a new Grand Master Magwell which works with their 2011 High Capacity Base Pad for STI/SVI Magazines. For those who don’t already know, this type of accessory is designed to make reloads easier and is typically only allowed on race guns.

    The new TTI 2011 Ultimate Magwell is CNC machined from stainless steel with a one-piece design. The price for the magwell is $84.99 and there are 4 colors available: Red, Flat Black, Titanium Grey and White, as shown above.¬†Although it isn’t specified in detail, it seems that the design allows for functionality with “all current basepad extensions” but if you’re unsure you better check with TTI first.

    Below you can see the side view profile of the magwell (in flat black) on a TTI Combat Master. Will it be used on the next John Wick gun?

    Product Description – Competition Magwell for 2011

    Taran Tactical Innovations Competition Magazine Well for 2011 provides the ultimate in reloading performance for your pistol. CNC’d from Stainless Steal right here in America, our one-piece push pin design offers premium performance without the irritation of a two piece design. Forward ergonomic relief cuts provide comfort, while a rather large underside funnel to help increases the speed and success of quick reloads. 2.2 ounces of stainless steel provides weight for balance.

    – Stainless Steel 1.6 oz quality craftsmanship to provide weight and help improve your reloads.
    – One piece design removes the hassle of losing parts.
    – Main Spring Housing Pin is included to secure the magwell to the firearm.
    – Massive funnel increases the accuracy of reloads.
    – Underside cuts allow for retention and functionality with all current basepad extensions.

    There are some pictures of last year’s Simi Valley Wildfire here.

    You can find their Instagram post here.

    There’s a direct link to the Competition Magwell for 2011 here.

    To my surprise, I quite like the white color.


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