Magwell for Strike 80 Compact Pistol Frame Kit

    Magwell for Strike 80

    With the increasing popularity of 80% pistol frames, it’s no surprise that an aftermarket specific to these frames has risen to meet the needs of shooters and builders. One of the options on the market is the Strike Industries Strike 80 Compact Pistol Frame. If you run a Strike 80 Compact, you know that there are many parts made for Gen3 Glocks that are compatible with these frames. However, due to dimensional differences, a magwell for the S80 has been but a dream, until now. Strike Industries has released a designated magwell for Strike 80 Compact frames.

    Magwell for Strike 80

    The Strike Industries Magwell For Strike 80 Compact Pistol Frame Kit is designed to provide easier reloading of the magazine while adding to the SI styling of the Strike 80. Keeping to the slender factory design of the pistol grip, the benefit of adding a funnel-like magwell to help prevent the dreaded reload bobble outweighs the added material of this Strike 80 Magwell.

    Striking Magwell for Strike 80 Compact Frames

    Magwell for Strike 80

    Clearly designed to match Strike’s aesthetic, the new magwell is made from high-strength, lightweight polymer. It’s made specifically for the Strike 80 frames, which means this is NOT compatible with any P80 or Glock OEM frames. It is, however, compatible with most aftermarket magazine base plates and extensions. Included, of course, are Strike’s own EMP magazine extensions.

    Magwell for Strike 80

    Notice the subtle S80 marking

    Like most other products from Strike Industries, the MSRP is within reach of any shooter, regardless of how many Glocks are in their ‘Rari. This one’s only going to set you back $19.95. The minimal size of this magwell makes it suitable for multiple applications. If you use your Strike 80 as your carry gun, this could be an option if you want race gun features on your carry gun, but don’t want a four-inch aluminum funnel sticking out of your shirt.

    So, if you’re looking to add a little more speed to your reloads, and you shoot a Strike 80 build, head over to the product page to see if this part is right for you. With the holidays approaching, maybe take a look at the rest of the site. Strike Industries is very active on their socials, so check out their Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube channel.

    Magwell for Strike 80

    Magwell for Strike 80Magwell for Strike 80Magwell for Strike 80

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