TFB Review: AC-Unity MP5 Magazines

    Magazines for 9mm roller locks are few and far between. Most suck it up and get German-made H&K mags but at $70 per magazine it adds up quick. There have been some attempts at polymer magazines for the venerable MP5 but they are hit or miss. Also finding a magazine with a capacity of over 30 rounds that isn’t a drum, is very hard. For over a year HK Parts had a windowed polymer magazine on their website but it was “coming soon”. Well, they are finally available. Let’s take a look at the AC-Unity MP5 magazines.

    AC-Unity MP5 Magazines

    AC-Unity is a company based out of Bosnia. I came across them when I purchased their windowed Glock Magazines. I got a 17rd magazine and their 30rd magazine. Their magazines are all polymer and have a narrow vertical window along both sides of the magazine.

    AC-Unity MP5 magazine comparison

    L-R: ETS, MKE, AC-Unity MP5, AC-Unity Glock

    AC-Unity also makes magazines for AR-15s and AK-47s. But it was their MP5 magazines that I wanted to check out. In the world of polymer MP5 magazines, I only know of two versions prior to the AC-Unity MP5 magazines: MKE and ETS.

    MKE polymer magazine on the left. AC-Unity 30rd and 40 rd magazine.

    Most MP5 magazines are 30rd metal-bodied magazines or they have smaller capacity. I have a US-made 38rd magazine and it is just a longer metal-bodied magazine. I use it for competitions. This 38rd magazine has worked well for me but I have heard other users have had issues with them. The same goes for MKE polymer magazines. Some work while others do not. Even the ETS transparent MP5 magazines were lackluster for me right out of the poly bag. The AC-Unity magazines seem to have the MP5 fanatic world in a bit of a frenzy. A lot of hopes ride on these magazines. They are inexpensive and hold more bullets than traditional MP5 metal magazines if you opt for the 40rd magazine.

    The 40rd magazine is a bit long.

    The AC-Unity magazines are a little bit thick front to back so you may need to modify them. There is a rectangular protrusion on the front of the magazine body.

    They are also slightly different inside. The follower is an odd design. Some MP5 shooters have swapped it out for the ETS MP5 magazine follower.

    L-R: MKE follower, ETS follower, AC-Unity follower.

    ETS follower on the left, AC-Unity on the right.

    Some seem to think this improves reliability.

    Shooting The AC-Unity MP5 Magazines

    I shot them in my H&K SP5 suppressed with a Tirant 9M. My friend Paul shot both of his 30rd and 40rd AC-Unity magazines out of his POF MP5. However other people have had issues with their guns.

    Machine Gun Dad posted a video about his malfunctions, especially when used in his MP5SD.

    I used the AC-Unity mags at a night shoot recently and they gave me a lot of issues in my H&K SP5K-PDW. This time I was shooting PMC ammo.


    AC-Unity Handguard

    AC-Unity also makes a wide handguard that has vents and ribbing for improved texture. It is a replacement for the factory H&K wide handguard. I don’t know if the slots were designed to be paired with proprietary rails but I could see it being used for that purpose.

    AC-Unity MP5 Mag Wrap up

    The AC-Unity magazines seem to be hit or miss for some. So far they work for my H&K SP5 but give me problems in my H&K SP5K-PDW. My friend Paul has not had issues with his. They are inexpensive at just $22.95 for the 30rd mag and $24.95 for the 40rd magazine. Most MP5 magazines are made of metal and only have witness holes in the rear of the magazine. The AC-Unity magazines have a clear window down the majority of the magazine body. Only the ETS mags are fully transparent and those are notoriously unreliable. I like that there is a 40rd option that is available but whether it works for you is a serious consideration. I ordered these from RTG Parts.

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