NEW Henry Rifles: More Models With Side Loading Gates

by Pete
NEW Henry Rifles: More Models With Side Loading Gates

Henry, a manufacturer of classic lever action rifles, has spent the last few years bringing new features into their most popular models. Ranging from side loading gates to threaded barrels and accessory rails, Henry is listening to customer requests and building traditional guns with additional modern features. And they have just announced their most all-encompassing upgrade to date: most of Henry’s lever action rifles will now feature side loading gates. In addition, their single shot rifles are now available in .350 Legend and .450 Bushmaster.

While I’m delighted to see the side loading gates spread farther into Henry’s lineup, I’m a little disappointed in the lack of barrel threads. But then again, I’m probably in the suppressor-nerd minority when it comes to lever guns. Details can be found below.

Henry @ TFB:

NEW Henry Rifles: More Models With Side Loading Gates

Henry All-Weather Lever Action Side Gate

NEW Henry Rifles: More Models With Side Loading Gates

In profile and general dimensions, these two Henry offerings are essentially the same as their blued steel counterparts, with 20” round barrel and 5-shot magazine capacity in the .30-30 and 18.43” round barrel with 4-shot magazine in the .45-70, and both with the same adjustable buckhorn/bead sights. Like the blued rifles, the All-Weathers also wear the same wrist profiles- straight in the .30-30, and pistol grip in the .45-70. The major differences lie in the hard chrome plating on all metal surfaces (except springs, sights, and loading gates), and a durable industrial-grade coating on the hardwood furniture.

MSRP: $1108

Henry Lever Action .410 Shotgun Side Gate

NEW Henry Rifles: More Models With Side Loading Gates

Both model variants are based on our blued steel-framed .45-70 Lever Action Side Gate, with a six-shot removable tube-loading magazine chambered for 2.5” shells only, dark straight-grained American walnut furniture, pistol grip wrists, checkering fore and aft, sling swivel studs, and a good thick non-slip ventilated black rubber recoil pad at the rear

MSRP: $983

Henry Steel Lever Action .30-30 Side Gate

Like every Henry rifle, it’s 100% American made, with its checkered American walnut stock and forearm, it is a masterpiece of finely crafted gunsmithing. The Henry H009G has a steel receiver and a round blued steel barrel that is machined with state of the art multiple groove rifling. The best-of-both-worlds design with a side loading gate and removable tube magazine allow for quick top-offs and safe, fast unloading.

MSRP: $941

Henry Color Case Hardened – .30-30 & .45-70

At Henry Repeating Arms we recognize that the lever action world is a wide one, with all sorts of lever-gunners looking for all sorts of lever actions to fill all sorts of lever action needs and desires. We do our best to accommodate all of those segments among our customers, and if you happen to be a student of the Old West, or an admirer of the traditional looks (and nostalgia) of time-honored case hardened colors, we’ve got your corner covered with the Color Case Hardened Lever Action Side Gate models.

MSRP: $1108

Henry Single Shot Rifles – Now In .350 Legend & .450 Bushmaster

MSRP: $510

RICE LAKE, WI – November 25, 2020 – American gunmaker Henry Repeating Arms is announcing a large transition in their product catalog with upgrades for their Wisconsin-made lever-action rifles and shotguns and new calibers and configurations for their H015 Single Shot firearms. In total, the announcement is replacing 29 “legacy” models in favor of newly upgraded versions and adding 3 new Single Shots to the Henry lineup.

By popular demand, Henry Repeating Arms is replacing all steel-framed centerfire lever-action rifles and shotguns to include a side loading gate while still retaining the removable tube magazine based on the original Henry rifle patented in 1860. This open-ended magazine design, first introduced with the Henry H024 Side Gate Lever Action in 2019, provides owners with the ability to conveniently load the magazine and keep it topped off through a port in the receiver and safely unload the magazine by twisting out the inner magazine tube. The transition applies to all of Henry’s .30-30 and .45-70 rifles, .410 bore shotguns, and revolver caliber Big Boy rifles in their blued steel, All-Weather, and Color Case Hardened finishes that do not already include a side loading gate.

“Ever since our fans and customers got a taste of a side loading Henry, the requests started rolling in immediately to include this feature on their favorite finish or caliber. These new models are going to make a lot of people very happy, and we are always going to have options for fans of our legacy configuration as well,” states Anthony Imperato, president and owner of Henry Repeating Arms. Imperato continues, “The removable tube magazine is a core part of our product DNA, so that’s not going anywhere, and fans of the classic brass and octagon barrel configurations will always be able to get that from us.”

In addition to the new Side Gate models, Henry is announcing 2 new calibers for the H015 Single Shot Rifle with .350 Legend and .450 Bushmaster. For large game hunters in shotgun-only areas, Henry is also releasing the Henry Single Shot Slug Barrel Shotgun in 12 gauge, which features a fully rifled barrel for use with shotgun slugs and fiber optic sights.

To learn about Henry’s newest releases, visit New Models at


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  • John huscio John huscio on Nov 24, 2020

    5 round capacity? Why? A pain Jane 336 or garden variety win 94 comes standard with better capacity or at least the option to have it.

  • Al Al on Nov 29, 2020

    Everyone is complaining about the firearms and how they want this or need that. How about the ammo the gun uses? If you can't get ammo you can't shoot no matter what caliber it is. Without suppressor threads they are still quite because nobody has ammunition to shoot.