The AcroBat Tool for Aimpoint Acro Red Dot Sights

    The company SuppressorTools already has a few mentions here at TFB. Typically they develop and manufacture tools for today’s most popular sound suppressors, but this one has nothing to do with suppressors. A lot of people use red dots and the Aimpoint ACRO is one of the newer ones on the market. Changing the battery without leaving a lot of scratches can be a bit tricky, so they developed a tool to help with this – the AcroBat.

    Below: AcroBat Tool including a pocket for a replacement battery.

    Below: The Aimpoint ACRO C1 as a secondary sight, on top of the Schmidt & Bender 3-27×56 PMII. Cerakoted mount by Spuhr, with ACRO interface and spacer to clear the turret.

    Here’s the description from the company:
    The AcroBat Tool!
    The Aimpoint Acro red dot sight has an aluminum battery cover that can be scratched when using a steel screwdriver tip, so we developed the Acro Battery Tool. It’s made from very robust injection mold quality ABS polymer, which won’t damage the battery cap’s finish AND a spare battery snaps into the handle. The hole at the end is for a parachute cord lanyard (not included).
    One Renata CR1255 battery new in factory packaging IS INCLUDED!
    Below: Close-up of the function.
    The tool is clearly 3D printed, and you can see the build lines. The battery is made in Switzerland, the tool in the USA.

    The price is $20.00, which includes one Renata CR1255 battery.

    For more information on the Aimpoint ACRO, check these articles: “The new Aimpoint ACRO P-1 with Spuhr Interface” and “Schmidt & Bender 3-27×56 PMII High Power Riflescope + Aimpoint ACRO C-1“.

    What do you think of this tool? Is this something you ever felt a need for?

    Eric B

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