POTD: Russian Recon Soldier with VSS Vintorez (6P29)

    Photo Of The Day and above you have one of the best photos of the VSS Vintorez (GRAU designation 6P29) we’ve ever seen. We’re looking at a Russian soldier from the tank army of the Western Military District, as he provides overwatch for an ambush with the ultimate aim to seize “secret documents”.

    POTD: Russian Recon Soldier with VSS Vintorez (6P29)

    According to legend, the scouts found clusters of conditional terrorists in an abandoned house. The sniper “hit” the sentry, and the strike group stormed the buildings and “destroyed” the conditional militants. Also, the reconnaissance groups made a march to the communications center of the conditional enemy. On the way, they organized an ambush on a convoy of “enemy” equipment and seized the car of the “terrorists”.

    Above, you’re looking into the barrel and the PSO-1 (Optical Sniper Sight), which is a 4x magnification sight made in Russia by the NPZ Optics State Plant.

    The special version of the PSO-1 used on the VSS is called PSO-1M2-1 and has a special reticle to follow the ballistics of the 9x39mm round out to 400 meters. I wonder how much of a “potato thrower” the VSS is?