Hyperion Suppressors’ Release Announced by CGS Group

    Meet the Hyperion and Hyperion K suppressors from CGS Group.

    Meet the Hyperion and Hyperion K suppressors from CGS Group.

    When you think of the suppressor market, there are some manufacturer names that immediately come to mind. There usually aren’t too many surprises or obscure brands on “best of” or “reader’s choice” lists. The New Mexico-based CGS Group, also known as Chaos Gear Supply, has historically not been one of those more famous names. However, with the November 18th release of a new suppressor model in two configurations, we may see the potential for that to change in the future. CGS Group’s new Hyperion and its little brother, the K version, are now available for pre-order through Silencer Shop and other NFA dealers. Though early runs of these suppressors have seen some limited testing, this new announcement signifies the start of full-scale consumer distribution.

    CGS Group describes their construction material as: "DIRECT METAL LASER SINTERED (DMLS - 3D PRINTED) HEAT TREATED GRADE 5 TITANIUM".

    CGS Group describe their construction material as: “DIRECT METAL LASER SINTERED (DMLS – 3D PRINTED) HEAT TREATED GRADE 5 TITANIUM”.

    Silencer Shop introduced the Hyperion cans on their social media, saying:

    We are very excited to announce the @cgsgroup Hyperion and Hyperion-K! Built for maximum suppression, maximum durability and minimum blowback. These are currently available for preorder/backorders now at SilencerShop.com! Many of these have recently been sent out to Powered By dealers across the country, so check your local Silencer Shop dealer!

    Hyperion: https://www.silencershop.com/cgs-hyperion.html

    Hyperion-K: https://www.silencershop.com/cgs-hyperion-k.html

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    Silencer Shop goes on to describe the full-size 9.5″ model:

    The Hyperion FS by CGS Group is a rifle suppressor built for impressive sound reduction. At just 15.1 ounces, with a 9.5-inch length, the Hyperion is constructed of titanium for a light weight yet highly durable silencer. This CGS suppressor also boasts a 1.75-inch diameter, also leading to its noteworthy sound attenuation.

    Featuring two separate front end caps, a low profile front end cap and a vented end cap (not included), the Hyperion FS to optimize precision shooting. CGS’s design allows for even left handed precision rifle shooters using semi auto host firearms to comfortably shoot due to its reduced blowback. This CGS silencer also includes shallow taper joints which allows for optimal concentricity and retention. Between its durability, modularity, and sound reduction truly make the Hyperion FS shine.

    …and then the shorter 6.4″ K model as follows:

    The CGS Hyperion K is a suppressor designed for precision rifle shooting. Only weighing 10.5 ounces, with a length of 6.4-inches, the Hyperion K is both compact and maneuverable. This CGS suppressor is also modular in that it has two alternate front end cap options: their vented end cap (not included) and their traditional low profile end cap. Even with its light weight and shorter stature, the Hyperion K’s 1.75-inch diameter still allows this silencer to be incredibly quiet.

    Constructed of grade 5 titanium, the Hyperion K provides optimal durability, without adding on any extra weight. Speaking of durability, this CGS silencer has a proprietary coating that protects your suppressor from build up that could otherwise naturally occur. The Hyperion K also boasts shallow taper joints, which provides exceptional retention and maintains concentricity when threaded on to your host firearm. CGS Group outdid themselves with this incredible suppressor.

    The full-size version measures 3.1" longer than the 6.4" K model.

    The full-size version measures 3.1″ longer than the 6.4″ K model.The standard model is shown on the CGS website with an MSRP of $1,379, and the K version brings a $1,129 MSRP. Some other interesting products offered by CGS Group beyond their silencers include their Qube pistol compensators and their Pandora firing device, for use in explosive breaching. What do you think, readers? Any interest in these new cans? Do you think they may bring solid performance into this competitive market space, or are you more inclined to stick with the silencing industry’s more household names? Do you have any experience with CGS Group’s other suppressors, like the Kraken, the Hydra, or the Nautilus? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! See you at the range.

    Photos courtesy of CGS Group.
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