Shadow Systems Grows and Expands

    Shadow Systems has been busy in the great state of Texas. While most in the firearms industry are just trying to keep up with demand during the chaos of 2020, Shadow Systems has managed to grow. They are still going strong and have recently made two big announcements.


    First, Shadow Systems has announced the release of the full-sized frame DR9. Chad Jewett, the marketing Director of Shadow Systems, says in the press release

    the soon-to-be-released full-size DR920 have designed their pistols with LEOs and servicemembers in mind. Most Shadow Systems employees have a background in either law enforcement or military service, so for this team producing a bet-your-life-reliable pistol has always been the top priority

    I was not able to get a specific picture of the DR920, however, they did send some cool pics.


    The second announcement is the launching of a direct-to-agency website, The site was created to assist law enforcement agencies and the military with the procurement of their pistols. On this Chad says: “The features of our pistols and the fact that, in many cases, there is no new gear or training required make it easy to see why Shadow Systems pistols are starting to be adopted by agencies“. With the launch of, the company is streamlining the process for agencies to test and evaluate Shadow pistols for their team. With just four clicks, procurement officers can request guns for testing and evaluation, increasing access, and ease of use.

    Shadow Systems is absolutely a company to keep your eye on. In a world of chaos and difficulty, they have managed to cut through the red tape and provide new products and ease of access to them.


    If you are not familiar with Shadow Systems, I encourage you to check them out. They are very active on social media (Here, and a fan page here).

    Mike R

    Mike spent his entire adult life riding an ambulance throughout the Southwest US. He found humor in long in-depth philosophical conversations with crack heads and other urban street survivalists.

    His highest point was being invited to instruct for some “special” medics in the military. He spent almost 10 years there. A 30 year gun enthusiast, he started down the path of reloading to keep up with his desperate need of more ammo. Reloading is like medicine, you never stop learning.

    He can generally be found at the local range picking the brains of the old timer, looking for brass, and banging away at gongs. He reloads everything from .32 to .45, .223 to 7 rem mag.