POTD: Large-Scale Russian Exercise

    Russian Photo Of The Day, from an event where more than 1,000 soldiers from about 100 different military and special units were involved. Firearms like the AS “Val” and VSS “Vintorez” in 9x39mm as well as the KSVK 12.7 large-caliber sniper rifle were involved in the event.

    From the caption, machine translated from Russian:

    According to the plan of the exercise, the scouts found clusters of terrorists in an abandoned house. The sniper silently hit the sentry, and the strike group stormed the building and destroyed the militants.

    Here is a video from the event, including the Spidermen above as well as machine gun fire.

    Servicemen of the reconnaissance units of the Guards Tank Army of the Western Military District are celebrating their professional holiday with large-scale exercises in the Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod regions.

    Also, during the event, the reconnaissance groups made a march to a given area, where they organized an ambush on the road leading to the communications center of the imaginary enemy. The tasks of installing explosive devices and camouflaging their positions were worked out.

    All photos from the Russian Ministry of Defence.