New Improved FX Airguns FX Crown Mark II with GRS Riflestocks

    FX Airguns was founded in 1999 by a passionate airgun enthusiast in a small town called Mariestad, Sweden 1999. When he couldn’t find the airgun of his dreams, he created one. They have now introduced a new, improved version of their Crown model, called the FX Crown Mark II. An increased plenum size by 28% is the biggest improvement, but they have also modified the valving to make the rifle more suitable for airgun slugs. The new FX Crown Mark II also has a Picatinny scope rail with a 20 MOA angle, and you can also get it with a Norwegian GRS rifle stock.

    Here’s the new product announcement:

    The dramatic evolution of airguns has ramped up demands from shooters worldwide and we have seen an increased desire for more air flow and power in our air rifles. Whereas other FX rifles can more easily add plenum space and valving for these demands, a traditional rifle like the FX Crown was limited for these demands… until now! The FX Crown MKII brings more power and even more capabilities to an already near perfect platform.
    The increased power available in the MKII comes down to a combination of valving, porting, and plenum space. The plenum of the FX Crown MKII has increased 28% over the previous model! This larger plenum works in tandem with the porting and a new larger valve on the MKII (6.5mm valve). The combination provides spectacular results.
    Other changes to the Crown include a 20 MOA angle built into the picatinny scope rail.
    With airgunners able to shoot at longer distances, this canting of the scope base at the front is what allows for more usable elevation adjustment in the scope at longer distances.
    The FX Crown MKII has some new stock options. FX Airguns has teamed up with famed Norwegian rifle stock maker GRS to provide the first ever GRS rifle stock for an FX Airgun. GRS builds highly adjustable laminate stocks recognized globally as an innovative premium brand. The GRS FX Crown stocks are dedicated right or left-handed with the famed GRS ergonomic grip. The GRS grip, offset and angled; provides unsurpassed shooting comfort. They feature tool-less push button adjustments for both cheek riser and length of pull. Everything to tailor-fit your shooting experience.
    The FX Crown MKII is also offered as a stripped-down base model perfect for pairing with the recently released Saber Tactical Crown Chassis. This ambidextrous chassis is packed with features including an extended Arca Swiss rail, foldable stock, built-in detachable bag rider, adjustable buttstock, and other popular features. This will certainly be a highly popular and sought-after Crown configuration, particularly for bench shooters.
    The rest of the features of the FX Crown remains unchanged: the power adjuster, valve adjustment, externally adjustable AMP regulator, ability to change calibers and twist rates through the Superlight Smooth Twist X (STX) barrel and Superior STX liner standard. With all this as well as the highest capacity magazine in its class, the FX Crown is solidified as the most versatile and robust sporter stock PCP air rifle available.
    The FX Crown MKII is an inline change with units already shipping to dealers worldwide. The Crown is available in the following configurations (with various stock options)
    FX Crown MKII Standard (500mm barrel in .177-.22-.25-.30)
    FX Crown MKII Standard Plus (600mm barrel in .177-.22-.25-.30)
    FX Crown Continuum MKII (380mm & 700mm barrel in .22-.25-.30)
    FX Crown VP MKII (Value Priced 400cc aluminum bottle)

    The following pricing is for the U.S. market:

    • Base Model (No Stock – Chassis Ready) $1299.99
    • Synthetic Stock $1599.99
    • Walnut Stock $1799.99
    • Standard Laminate Stocks $1999.99
    • GRS Laminate Stock $2199.99
    • Crown VP $1399.99

    Iraqveteran8888 did a video with it:

    Check also the New FX Hybrid Slugs from FX Airguns.

    What do you think? Have you become as interested in airgunning as myself?

    Eric B

    Ex-Arctic Ranger. Competitive practical shooter and hunter with a European focus. Always ready to increase my collection of modern semi-automatics, optics and sound suppressors. TCCC Certified medic.