POTD: Ak5C at Swedish Army Land Warfare Center

    Photo Of The Day – Today we get a closer look at the Swedish Ak5C (Ak for Automatkarbin), which is the current standard issue rifle for the Swedish military. The Ak5 was developed in the 80s from the FN FNC. Between 2004 and 2009, the Ak5 received several upgrades like a shorter barrel, adjustable stock, Picatinny rail and Aimpoint red dot.

    Here’s more information and pictures about the Ak5 C and D versions, unfortunately in Swedish only: Automatkarbin 5 C/D.

    In these pictures, we’re looking at Swedish army cadets during LFX instructor training.

    Shooting the Ak5 from a kneeling position.

    The Ak5 is up for retirement, but there is no official information about when that might happen. Some units are already using the HK MP7 and Automatkarbin 416/417. There are also units using LWRCI Rifles.

    For other variants of the Ak5, check our article about the Ak 5D Police.

    All photos by Mr. Joel Tungren / Försvarsmakten / Swedish Armed Forces.

    You can find and follow the Swedish Army Land Warfare Center on Facebook here. Their website can be found here. There is also an English only section here.

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