French Army Buys Steiner Scopes, Trijicon Reflex Sights & Spuhr Mounts for Snipers

Eric B
by Eric B
French Soldiers with an HK417 and a Hécate II

Steiner Optics and Humbert CTTS, a French distributor, has won a large contract to supply various riflescopes to the French Armed Forces. Initially, the contract is to supply 375 pieces of Steiner M5xi 5-25×56 riflescopes with Laser Protection Filters. The intention is that these optics will fit the current French heavy sniper rifles PGM Hecate II in caliber 12.7×99 mm.

Below: Steiner M5Xi Military 5-25×56

Additionally, the new Steiner M7xi 2.9-20×50 will also be bought and used by the French Army. They are to be used on various DMR and Sniper rifles already in service, such as the HK417 and the FN SCAR H-PR.

There is no mentioning about the quantity for these rifles, but it is known that France has bought 2,600 FN Herstal SCAR-H PR. They will use the Schmidt & Bender 1-8×24 PM II Dual CCas well, together with Night Vision and Thermal Sensors from OIS.

It’s probable that the French HK417s and FN SCAR H-PRs will be used and equipped for various roles, like patrol rifles, DMR style or sniper rifles. The rifles with Steiner M7xi 2.9-20×50 will also be delivered with a secondary Trijicon reflex sight mounted at 45°. The German Army uses a similar concept with their S&B 1-8x and S&B 3-20 PMIIs.

The development of reticles

It’s interesting to see the development of reticles, and how they are being used nowadays. Just a decade ago anything beyond a simple MIL-dot was witchcraft. This time the French Army chose the MSR2 reticle

Already in the beginning of 2018, TFB published an extensive article on the MSR2 reticle, developed by the Finnish company Finnaccuracy. The original MSR concept was released in 2009. The idea for this reticle was born from the needs of long-range field shooters.

As mentioned, all of the French riflescopes will have Laser Protection Filters and they will be mounted with Spuhr mounts from Sweden.

Below: Sample picture from the Steiner M7Xi IFS 4-28×56 ballistic sight (not part of the contract, but it shows the MSR2 in combination with the Steiner heads-up display).

Steiner M7Xi IFS 4-2856 ballistic sight

Below is a video using Finnaccuracy’s MSR reticle. “Tikka TACT A1 6.5CM concept, new Steiner M7Xi 2.9-20×50 MSR2”

You can check the MRS2 reticle in use on the Schmidt & Bender 5-45×56 PM II High Power Scope here.

We also have an article about a factory visit to Steiner Optics Germany here.

Check here for the Steiner Optics official homepage:

Source: Retex Mag

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Eric B

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  • LDB LDB on Nov 10, 2020

    My back hurts just looking at the weight/gear those snipers are carrying.

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    • Tsubaka Tsubaka on Nov 27, 2020

      @LDB "One of my crazier buddies was a sniper in the French Marine Regiment (which is part of the Army). He was a little guy, about 5’7” and 150 pounds. On missions he carried the standard body armor, a forty-pound PGM .50 caliber sniper rifle, a ruck with all the rest of his gear – and a MINIMI (essentially an M249 SAW) up front. Despite the fact that he was humping his own body weight, he refused to carry a FAMAS carbine instead of the MINIMI because he thought he’d need more firepower if his hide was compromised. I went on several missions with his team, and on most of those we’d have to climb three or so hours in the dark to set an overwatch. I never saw him slow down, despite the 150 pound load."

      -Chris Hernandez, 25-year police officer, former Marine and retired
      National Guard soldier with over 25 years of military service. Combat veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan and also served 18 months as a United Nations police officer in Kosovo.

  • Ranger  Rick Ranger Rick on Nov 11, 2020

    I'm sure that the Legion will put these to good use.