POTD: German & Mongolian Mountain Rangers

    As usual, we have selected some pictures for you. By this time you know it, it’s TFB’s Photo Of The Day to keep you in a good mood. Get a coffee, take a break and enjoy a few minutes of photos from Mongolia. Today we watch German Gebirgsjägers (Mountain Rangers) supporting the foundation of a mountaineering battalion in Mongolia. About 25 soldiers of the German Mountain Hunter Brigade were in Mongolia and stayed until the end of October. They were busy training Mongolian soldiers of the Mountain Hunter Battalion. The international program runs until 2022.

    Below: The Dragunov sniper rifle: Two Mongolian mountain hunters practice shooting under the guidance of a German instructor acting as a spotter. Note the rope around the boot, which I guess is a help to obtain more stability? Notice how well the Mongolian camouflage works.

    The motivation seems high.

    The source of the images and captions can be found (in German) here.

    Captions by Johannes Schwegler and photos by Jennifer Ratliff and Johannes Schwegler.

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