Webley & Scott Are Producing Firearms In India (Including a NEW MKIV)

    Webley & Scott India

    Image credit: Matthew Moss, The Armourer's Bench

    The famous British firm Webley & Scott have been setting up shop in India with the goal of producing firearms for the Indian people. Surprisingly, the first line of production will be the iconic Mk IV revolver, followed by a newly designed semi-automatic pistol, airguns and shotguns. This ambitious line up by Webley & Scott is part of the “Make in India” initiative launched in 2014, aimed to encourage multinational and domestic manufacturing, which would also boost skilled labor and infrastructure.


    The question of “will a modern top-break revolver ever be made again” occasionally crops up on internet forums, including TFB’s Wheelgun Wednesday. Despite the typical “probably not” answer to the question, Webley & Scott India have succeeded in producing one of their old revolvers using modern manufacturing methods. The new Mk IV will be chambered in .32 S&W Long. This cartridge may seem an odd choice for most American firearms enthusiasts, but .32 caliber is one of the few choices legally available to Indian citizens. Other permitted calibers for handguns are .35, .380 and .22. According to the same source, weapons are not a guaranteed right, but are allowed by law for protection and target shooting.

    The new Mk IV revolvers will be available in a Pocket Model, or “Overhand” Pocket Model. Webley & Scott’s description of the Overhand model can be read below:

    Using the exact same design and manufacturing as the standard pocket model, the Overhand Pocket model features a slightly larger grip that fits larger hands better as well as fitting snugly into a holster.

    Each MKIV .32 Revolver is made to exacting tolerances and must pass a rigorous Quality Control process that we demand of all Webley products and the result of this is a weapon that will last many generations to come.

    Finished with a deep rich blue that Webley is famous for and presented in a wood presentation case, the MKIV is everything the market has been asking for.

    Supplied with a Wooden Presentation Case.

    Webley & Scott Are Producing Firearms In India (Including a NEW MKIV)

    Photo credit: Webley India

    On a recent Facebook post, Webley & Scott India posted that they’ve had a “HUGE” reaction from the new articles about their MKIV revolver and that they planned to have guns stocked on dealer’s shelves around mid-October 2020.  According to one source, the estimated cost of the new top-break revolvers will equal around $1,341 US.


    Aside from producing the historic MKIV revolver, Webley & Scott India are also working on designing a new semi-auto pistol in .32 Auto from the ground-up, and setting up two shooting ranges in Gorakhpur and Kanpur.

    The specs of Webley’s new production MKIV’s, and future products can be viewed on their website based in India, and you can follow them on their Facebook page as well.

    What do you think about Webley & Scott’s new venture in India? What do you think about the resurrection of the top-break revolver?

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