POTD: Royal Marines of 43 Commando Fleet Protection Group

    Photo Of The Day and a look at the Royal Marines of 43 Commando Fleet Protection Group. This unit is held at very high-readiness year round, guarding the nuclear deterrent carried onboard the Vanguard-class submarines based at Faslane Naval Base in Scotland. This gives us an excellent opportunity to take another look at the Royal Marines Commandos New Uniform again. Not to mention their Colt Canada C8s and GPMG.

    Royal Marines Commandos of 43 Commando who are charged with the protection of the UK’s nuclear deterrent have completed a series of rigorous exercises designed to ensure they are razor sharp for their vital duties.

    Under the cover of darkness, troops fought through a multi-storey building in pitch blackness taking down any threats hindering their mission.

    Using every trick in their book, together with rapid, relentless and overwhelming force, the marines successfully overcame all hurdles the ‘enemy’ had for them.

    Following this, the commandos moved to a former bunker in the South West where they carried out training missions hundreds of metres underground in a network of intersecting passages and railway tunnels.

    The commandos were told that a ‘high-value asset’ had been taken deep into the bunker and employing a range of their combat skills, were tasked with defeating their adversary and liberating the asset, combining technology and agile thought to produce success.

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    Photos and captions: Royal Navy. You can find their homepage here.