POTD: Romanian AIMS-74 in Polish Bullrun

    The 16th Pomeranian Mechanised Division has traditions from 1945, but has been active since 1990 and forward. In our Photo Of The Day, the highlight is the Romanian AIMS-74 which you can see above. It uses the 5.45x39mm round, and the AKM gas block is the giveaway into recognizing it according to the connoisseurs. The pictures were taken during what was called BULLRUN 13, where units from the NATO enhanced Forward Presence Battle Group Poland moved along designated roads in north-eastern Poland.

    The divisions are equipped with T-72 tanks (and PT-91 Twardys) and BWP-1 infantry fighting vehicles.

    The aim of the course was to improve the efficient relocation of Polish and allied troops to designated areas. The project was planned and has a training character.

    I’m not sure I’ll ever get used to seeing Russian tanks and vehicles in NATO configuration.

    Pictures from NATO enhanced Forward Presence Battle Group Poland and the 16th Mechanised Division (Poland).