Wheelgun Wednesday: 5 Reasons Why Revolvers are the WORST

    Last week we discussed 5 Reasons Why Revolvers are RAD! If you stop by to read our weekly Wheelgun Wednesday, you will likely agree that revolvers are pretty awesome, too. In this Wheelgun Wednesday though, we take a look at 5 Reasons Why Revolvers are the WORST as I play devil’s advocate to myself. While many of us love our 6-shooters and other wheelguns, they are not perfect just like anything else. There is the good, the bad, and ugly side to them (catch that wheelgun reference). So, let’s dive in and take a look at 5 Reasons Why Revolvers are the WORST!

    5 Reasons Why Revolvers are the WORST – #1 round count

    For young and upcoming shooters this is easily the biggest turn-off from diving in on wheelguns and old steel. In a world of video games, cinema, and mag dumps on social media, having a sidearm that can only shoot 5 rounds at a time can be a big buzzkill. The old soul in me wants to combat those thoughts by arguing sage old quips likeĀ you only need one shot and marksmanship is more important than volume. One liner arguments though can be easily refuted by none other than… other one liner arguments… likeĀ it is better to have and not need than need and not have. In the end, whatever side of the fence you sit on with this debate, let’s be honest with ourselves … having more rounds at your disposal is always better. Simply think about the zombies that are scheduled in December this year. You are going to need more rounds.


    5 Reasons Why Revolvers are the WORST – #2 low ability to accessorize

    When it comes to firearms in general we love to add gadgets, do-dads, trinkets, and wizz-poppers of all kinds. The more accessories the better, right? If you are starting your accessory journey with a revolver platform though, it is going to be a real short trip. The most common alteration you could make is changing out the grip, but after that, you might be done. Not all revolvers have sights that can be easily upgraded to fiber optic, night sights, or be adaptable for optics. Also, very few have rails (there are more now in the last 5 years), but it is an extremely small sampling of wheelguns. So, if you want to add a laser, flashlight, or both, the likelihood of doing that is slim to none.

    5 Reasons Why Revolvers are the WORST – #3 expensive cartridges

    If we can all take a walk down memory lane (to like 10 months ago) when ammunition prices were stable, along with toilet paper availability, can you remember ammo prices? If we disregard .22 Long Rifle because both semi-autos and revolvers are abundantly chambered in them, there is a pretty big price discrepancy from wheelguns to polymer guns in ammunition. All of the straight-wall revolver rounds like .357 Magnum, .44 Magnum, and .460 S&W Magnum are basically $25 or higher a box. In comparison to semi-auto rounds like .380 Auto, 9mm, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP which are all $25 or less a box. If a guy or gal wants to do some serious plinking that price discrepancy is really going to add up. Yes, you can reload to make revolver rounds more affordable, but the gap still remains if you reload semi-auto rounds.


    5 Reasons Why Revolvers are the WORST – #4 bad or expensive holsters

    This is something that my bank account and I argue about a lot. When it comes to holsters for revolvers you either need to shell out $200 for something nice in leather – so nice, it is like it should only be worn as your Sunday best for church with grandma. It is either that or some $12 nylon holster that sorta-fits-but-not-really-but-you-are-too-cheap-to-spend-more-money (that guy that is too cheap… that is me… I can be too cheap on holsters). The unique frames, tall ramped front sights, low ribs on the barrel, and general decline in revolver ownership over the last 30 years has made holster manufacturers chase semi-auto owners harder than ever. This leaves us with fewer options. Either “buy once, cry once” and get the expensive holster, or go el’ cheapo and hope no one calls you out on it. I love revolvers as much as anyone else, but the holster selection is deplorable.

    5 Reasons Why Revolvers are the WORST – #5 Low cool factor

    I have never been one to buy firearms because someone told me it was cool or I thought it would make me more popular with my buddies, but the fact still remains that sexy, cool guns drive sales. Again, referencing the 21st century that we live in, between video games, pop culture, and movies the love for wheelguns has nearly died. Yes, you occasionally see a token revolver in movies, but Clint Eastwood is no longer making an entire generation want to run out and buy 44 Magnums like he did with “Dirty Harry.” Nowadays, it is shooters clamoring for the next gucci Glock they saw Keanu Reeves shoot in the latest “John Wick” movie. I genuinely believe if it were not for Jerry Miculek, the cool blazing wheelgunner of our generation, that revolver sales would have dropped off precipitously a long time ago.

    It pained me to try to choose 5 ways in which to bash wheelguns because I personally own more revolvers than I do semi-autos (last count in my safe it’s like a 2:1 ratio in favor of wheelguns), but nothing is perfect. Revolvers absolutely have a place in the firearms community in my book; they have and always will. For new shooters or those who do not have an appreciation for them, it can be a tough draw from the other flashy options out in the marketplace now with PDWs, AR platforms, PCC rifles, and many others. Nevertheless, what do you think? Are you a die-hard revolver fan or do you lean more towards semi-autos? Let us know all of your thoughts in the Comments below! We always appreciate your feedback.


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