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    AKS-74U, colloquially known as Krinkov, is the variation of Soviet AKs that pioneered a hinged captive top cover. This is a really handy feature as it makes the assembly of the top cover just a matter of closing it which is much simpler compared to the little bit tricky process of attaching a standard AK top cover, and locks/unlocks the gas tube making the disassembly/reassembly of the gun an even easier process by eliminating the step of rotating the gas tube locking lever which is oftentimes excessively tight. The original AKS-74U top cover also houses the rear iron sight assembly. Now, if you want to upgrade your Krinkov and have rails on the top cover, Texas Weapon Systems, a company known for making hinged top covers for various AK rifles, has a solution for you. TWS has introduced an aluminum railed hinged top cover for AKS-74U pattern firearms called Krinkov Dog Leg Rail.

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    With 17 Picatinny rail slots, the TWS Krinkov Dog Leg Rail provides plenty of space for mounting optical sights. Other Gen3 TWS AK railed top covers feature a quick detach mechanism which is useful if your optics is long or mounted far forward and interferes with the opening of the top cover. The Krinkov Dog Leg Rail does not come standard with this quick detach feature. You can still retrofit it with the quick detach capability but then you’ll need to purchase an Enhanced Push Button Take Down Pin and make a permanent modification to the gun by drilling a hinge pin hole. I think for most cases, this will be unnecessary because most of you are probably running a lightweight and compact red dot sight on a Krinkov size gun.

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    The Texas Weapon Systems Krinkov Dog Leg Rail is listed on the company’s website at an MSRP of $170. This product is compatible with Arsenal SAM7K Pistols, SBRs & SLR Krinkov Style Pistols. If you have another Krinkov pattern firearm, it is probably a good idea to contact the company before purchasing the Krinkov Dog Leg Rail to confirm the compatibility.

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    Images by Texas Weapon Systems, www.texasweaponsystems.com

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