Spuhr Receives New Order for AK 4C Accessories from Swedish Armed Forces

    Sweden’s Spuhr i Dalby AB have announced that the Swedish armed forces have ordered an undisclosed additional number of their adjustable stocks for their G3-pattern Ak 4 rifles. This follows the last order in October 2019.

    We recently covered the history of Håkan Spuhr’s stock system, check that out here.

    Here’s Spuhr’s announcement:

    Löddeköpinge, Sweden (October 23, 2020) – Spuhr i Dalby AB (Spuhr®) is awarded additional order for G3 stocks. Since 2016 Spuhr® has delivered more than 10,000 sets of our R-410 G3 Adjustable Stock (M4800-751529 KOLV AK4 JUSTERB /K) to the Swedish Armed Forces for the AK 4C and AK 4D rifles. Today it is with great pride that Spuhr® can announce that we have signed a new order with FMV (the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration) for an additional 10,000 stock assemblies to be delivered by January 2021.

    Mr. Ulf Nilsson, CEO, says, “We are proud of the continued trust shown by FMV and the opportunity to further improve the readiness of the Swedish Armed Forces by supplying them with our products.”

    The Spuhr® R-410 G3 Adjustable Stock was designed to provide improved ergonomics and controllability for the G3 platform. Based on the success in Sweden, the R-410 – and its siblings, the R-310 and R-315 stocks, for the MP5 – are now in use with the Swedish Army and Home Guard, the Portuguese Marines, and with law enforcement in Germany and the Netherlands.

    About Spuhr i Dalby AB

    Spuhr i Dalby AB (Spuhr®) was founded in 2007 by Håkan Spuhr to design and manufacture advanced mounting solutions and weapon upgrade kits for elite military, police, and civilian customers. Best known for their Ideal Scope Mount System™ (ISMS™,) an innovative and market-changing approach to optics attachment, Spuhr® is a market-leading Swedish manufacturer of optics mounts and weapon upgrade kits, such as their adjustable G3 and MP5 stocks, to law-enforcement and military units around the world.

    Find out more at www.spuhr.biz

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