Century Arms’ Thunder Ranch AK-47 – Davidon’s Exclusive Distribution

    Century Arms' Thunder Ranch AK-47 - Davidon's Exclusive Distribution

    Clint Smith and his training company Thunder Ranch have been busy at the grindstone working with various manufacturers to put out exclusive firearms offerings. The newest one of these offerings is the Century Arms and Thunder Ranch AK-47. This latest offering is meant to be an exclusive one that the “everyman” can afford.

    Century Arms’ Thunder Ranch AK-47 – Davidon’s Exclusive Distribution

    Davidson’s Gallery of Guns has given us a full press release on the launch of this new collaboration between Clint Smith and Century Arms.

    Davidson’s Exclusive Distributor for Century Arms’ Thunder Ranch AK-47

    PRESCOTT, Ariz. – Davidson’s, one of the nation’s top firearms wholesalers, is the exclusive distributor for Century Arms’ Thunder Ranch AK-47 developed in conjunction with Clint Smith.

    Clint Smith, President and Director of Thunder Ranch®, is a Marine Corps veteran of two infantry and Combined Action Platoon tours in Vietnam. His experience includes seven years as a police officer during which he served as head of the Firearms Training Division as well as being a S.W.A.T. member and precision rifleman.

    In 1993, Thunder Ranch®, Inc. opened to show not only innovative training, but numerous range designs and functions of a type not seen before in one facility.

    Clint worked with Century Arms to develop the Thunder Ranch AK-47 rifle. In his words, “The reason I picked Century is because it’s an affordable rifle and I want affordable equipment that functions for my clients”.

    The Thunder Ranch AK features an enhanced safety lever, US Palm Marine Corps red grip, US Palm AK 30 round magazine, walnut furniture, barrel mounted pic rail, engraved Thunder Ranch logo on right of receiver, and a Thunder Ranch two point sling.

    “We at Davidson’s are proud to be the sole distributor of this new Thunder Ranch AK from Century. Clint Smith is obviously a no-nonsense ‘it’s gotta work’ kind of instructor who is known throughout the firearms and defensive training world”, said Kane Cannedy, VP of Purchasing for Davidson’s. “Clint obviously stands behind this rifle and so does Davidson’s”.

    A short video with Clint describing the evolution of the Thunder Ranch AK can be found at the Davidson’s Gallery of Guns blog here.

    The Century Arms’ Thunder Ranch AK-47, Item#RI4088-N, has an MSRP of $1,199.99.

    For more information dealers can visit the Communications Center on DavidsonsInc.com.

    Consumers are invited to visit our blog located at Blog.GalleryofGuns.com.

    Thunder Ranch AK-47

    I think that the Thunder Ranch AK-47 is priced just right and has a few neat additions like the barrel mounted Picatinny rail and enhanced safety lever. Most new AK pattern rifles coming out these days will run you at least what the Thunder Ranch AK-47 costs and that’s if you can even find them for sale. Be sure to check out Davidson’s for updates on availability for these new AK rifles.

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