Dead Air Adventure: The Good, The Bad And The Quiet

    Our friends at Dead Air Silencers are hosting a unique adventure opportunity next month. Dubbed “The Good, The Bad And The Quiet, teams of two to five people will unearth clues with a chance to win a prize package with six Dead Air Silencers, a DDM4 AR-15 pistol and more. Contestants will race across central Texas and hopefully be the first team to find the grand prize. All the details on this Dead Air Adventure can be found below.

    Hot tip: Registration is officially closed, but I have a feeling there may be another window opening soon.

    Dead Air @ TFB:

    Dead Air Adventure: The Good, The Bad And The Quiet


    Expect 5-7 hours of driving. The start of the race will be at Defender Outdoors at 10am on Saturday November 21st. Check-in will happen before then at a different location close by. Details will be sent to you with that information. The race will end in Austin Texas with an after party following the race where you will get to hang out with Pappas and the Dead Air Team.


    If your team follows the rules and finds the case first, your team will receive:

    • A total of 6 Dead Air silencers + Mounts and Tax Stamps Covered
    • 1 DDM4 PDW Pistol
    • BRCC Coffee
    • Vortex Optics
    • Condition 1 Case


    • Must be 21 to participate.
    • Limited to 20 of teams.
    • Only registered teammates are allowed to participate. Any ride-sharing with non-registered individuals disqualifies you.
    • Teams must have at least two people, and no more than 5.
    • Each Team must have 1 cameraman (use your phone’s camera) to film their arrival at each location and solve the clue.
    • One 30 second video must be posted to a team member’s Instagram feed AND Stories before you can leave to the next destination. This video should be of your team arriving at each location and showcasing the store.
    • All sponsors must be tagged in each video (Dead Air Silencers, American Suppressor Association, Daniel Defense, Vortex Optics, Carolina Custom Foam, Black Rifle Coffee Company, Condition 1 Cases, and The Firearm Blog) AND use hashtag #GoodBadQuiet
    • Upon arrival at each location, your team will be given an envelope with your assigned team number with a clue for your next location.
    • The final location will be your chance to win a case full of gear!
    • NO REFUNDS! Consider it a donation to ASA if you can’t make it.


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