Blaser Germany Release a Thermal Clip-On Mount

    Clip-on Thermal Sights seems to be the new black, and everyone wants to have their piece of the market suddenly. Blaser GmbH from Germany is no different, and their thermal clip-on solution comes with the help from Liemke, also from Germany. They have developed a mount for the Blaser 1–7×28 iC riflescope, which in itself is a very nice product. I had the pleasure to look through it recently and was very impressed.

    Blaser Germany Release a Thermal Clip-On

    It certainly would be a very useful riflescope whether you’re stalking or on the driven hunt. Together with the new clip-on mount and the new Blaser thermal clip-on device you can now go hunting for wild boar at night with ease.

    Blaser 1–7x28 iC

    Blaser 1–7×28 iC

    As you can see below, you get a very exclusive look for your Blaser. I liked the design of the 1-7x28iC a lot, it was very Bentley-like and these pictures, unfortunately, don’t do it any justice.

    The clip-on is from Liemke Gmbh, and the model is called Merlin 35 (2020) in case you want to examine it closer.

    Below you can find the product announcement:

    Precise Connection

    For hunting wild boar at night we offer an optimally coordinated combination of a premium dayscope precisely connected with a thermal clip-on device.

    Liemke Merlin–35 Blaser 1–7x28iC

    With its ideal magnification range for hunting wild boar and the mounting rail extended to the front of the riflescope, the Blaser 1–7×28 iC is the perfect platform for the use of thermal clip-on devices*.

    A reliable connection to the riflescope is of crucial importance for a consistent and repeatable point of impact when hunting with a thermal clip-on device. Our new Blaser thermal clip-on mounts are extremely easy to operate.

    Thanks to the automatic positioning of the clip-on mount, using the integrated rail of the Blaser 1–7×28 iC, the installation is always repeatable, even in complete darkness.

    Thanks to a recoil lug, which needs to be installed onetime into the inner rail of the Blaser riflescope 1–7×28 iC, the constant positioning of the thermal clip-on device is guaranteed. When the clamping lever is closed, the thermal clip-on mount is additionally locked on the scope tube. This ensures the highest level of repeatable accuracy even when the thermal clip-on device is frequently attached or detached.

    In short, the Blaser clip-on has a sensor resolution of 384×288 pixels and a NETD: < 35mK. The display, that you’re looking into, has 1024×768 pixels.

    Here’s a video, unfortunately only in German.

    You can find Liemke here and Blaser here.

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