MK Machining’s Riflescope Turret Magnifier

    Don’t you just love new developments and gadgets that you can attach to your rifle and riflescope? Here at TFB, you’ll find a constant flow of interesting (and sometimes perhaps not so interesting) products that you didn’t know you needed. For instance the Spuhr Ring Turret Guards from Gray Ops CNC, Ulfhednar’s DOPEMagnetoSpeed’s RifleKühl, Partanen’s Throw Levers, the German XMag Coupler or these Bubble Levers.

    Today we’ll tell you about MK Machining and their Turret Magnifier, which will make it easier for you to see where you’re turret is dialed at. The company seems to be very expansive at the moment buying new equipment for Prototyping and Low Volume Manufacturing. They are based in Hallsville, Missouri, USA, and were founded in 2015 with the vision of delivering innovative products to the precision shooting community. Everything is Made In the USA, like these AR500 Steel COVID-19 Shaped Targets.

    MK Machining Turret Magnifier

    The MK Machining Turret Magnifier easily mounts to your scope tube and provides an approximate 3x magnification allowing for easier viewing of small markings on your rifle scope turrets.  Features an easy to remove magnifier which makes changing out lenses a breeze. Includes several replacements lenses.

    Available for

    1″ Scope Tubes

    30mm Scope Tubes

    34mm Scope Tubes

    35mm Scope Tubes

    36mm Scope Tubes

    40mm Scope Tubes

    Below: The Turret Magnifier. There is also a “Pro Series” which gives you the appearance of molded parts.

    You can find and buy the MK Machining Turret Magnifier here. The price is $29.99 regardless of the size of your tube. The Pro Series Turret Magnifier is also available, for $39.99. My understanding is that the difference is in the quality of surface finishing and material.

    MK Machining also makes Custom Throw Levers.

    Do you have a need for this product? We’re always curious about what you think, so please let us know.

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