POTD: Revolver with Sector Optics T20X Thermal Imager

    Today’s Photo Of The Day contains some of the coolest pictures of a revolver I’ve seen in a long time. This is a collaboration between 2A Tactical LLC and Koted Arms in Arizona.

    I suspect that you – as I – are a little bit curious about the Thermal Imager, so here you can find the details.

    T20X Thermal Imager

    With Real Optical 3-5.5x Zoom

    T20x thermal imager offers unique optical zoom from 3 to 5.5x in a tiny package. The device offers the following features:

    • On‑board image enhancement
    • Shutter with automatic NUC
    • Auto shutdown motion sensor saves battery power
    • Multiple display views: white hot / black hot / NV green / color
    • Mounting via 30mm mounting rings

    T20x can be used in variety of search operations, firefighting and detection and other commercial applications.

    The MSRP is $1,034.99.

    What do you think of the optic and the artwork? How would you paint yours?